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Scientists who study fossils are, "Paleontologists".


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A scientists who studies fossils, whether they are from dinosaurs or something else, is called a paleontologist.

Geologist studies fossils, but a zoologist studies animals, and a botanist studies plants.

Scientists who study fossils are known as paleontologists.Scientists who study fossils are known as paleontologists. A paleontologist who studies dinosaurs may be a vertebrate paleontologist or a macro paleontologist.

The scientists who study fossils are called palaeontologists (or in the US paleontologists). \ Archaeologists study the remains of prehistoric human societies.

A person who studies dinosaurs and fossils is called a palaeontologist.

In general Scientists called Geologists study bones and fossils. This specialism in Geology is called "paleontology" so the expert Geologists are called Palaeontologists.However evolutionary scientists (in general - such as zoologists) also study the evidence for past life and evolution contained in the fossil record.

A scientist that studies fossils in called a paleontologist. Paleontology is a discipline within geology, which is the study of the Earth's history.

They are generally called palaeontologists.

A person who studies rocks and fossils is called an archeologist. No, the study of fossils is called paleontology and the study of rocks is called geology, so a person studies fossils is called a paleontologist.

Paleontologists study fossils and ancient life, including, but not limited to, dinosaurs. A Paleobotanist studies plant fossils. Palaeontologist / paleontologist.

The two ways in which scientists can date fossils are called relative dating, and absolute dating.

it is called a paleontoligist. curtis

Strictly speaking these are two differing types of scientists. Petrologists study rocks and paleontologists study fossils. However both these disciplines are covered in the broader training of a geologist.

A palaeontologist studies fossils.

Palaeontologists are scientists who study fossils.

A Paleontologist is a person who studies fossils.

A paleontologist is a scientist who studies fossils.

Those scientists are called astronomers.

These scientists are called anthropologists.

Paleontologist is the name for someone who studies fossils palentology is the science

A Paleobotanist studies plant fossils

A paleontologist studies fossils. A seismologist studies earthquakes. A volcanologist studies volcanoes. These three scientists sometimes work closely together, depending on the things being studied.

The study of prehistory and fossils that represent it is known as Paleontology. Scientists working with fossils are known as paleontologists.

People that study artefacts are called archaeologists. However people who study fossils are known as palaeontologists.

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