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Scion tc 05' stereo wiring harness?

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Is the wiring harness on a 05 flhtpi different than one on a standard model?

Yes it is different. I have a 2004 FLHTPI. The wiring harness for the FLHTPI is set up for the extra lights and accessory plugs for the additional equipment/electronics that the police bike is outfitted with. I tried to install the air temp and oil pressure gage in the dash and could not match the schematics on the installation instructions to the wiring harness. I had to bring it in to have the gages hooked up. I plan to add a stereo and will run into the same issue with the wiring harness. I haven't found any good resources on the internet regarding solutions yet.

94 Cadillac deville wiring harness caught on fire can you get a diagram to fix it for free?

Our 05 Cadilliac xlr wiring harness recently cuaght fire I think it is a cadillace problem email me at

Where can you buy a motor wiring harness for a 05 dodge magnum?

Dealership, junk yard, Ebay, etc.

When was Pumping on Your Stereo created?

Pumping on Your Stereo was created on 1999-05-24.

Bolt pattern for a 05 Scion tc?

5 x 100

When was Stereo Fuse - album - created?

Stereo Fuse - album - was created on 2002-11-05.

Will 17 05 Scion tc rims fit on an 03 corolla?

Yes, they're both 5x100 lug pattern

If the Dual XDVD8183 When you plug the units harness into your trucks harness the front will flicker blue then nothing why?

i have the same problem on my cobalt ss 05 and i cant find the anwser

Wiring diagram for 05 citroen berlingo multispace?

Berlingo multispace HDi 90

Which fuse is the stereo fuse in a 05 dodge magnum?

look in your owners manual for the position of the radio fuse in the fusebox.

How may you install factory cruise control on a 2006 Nissan Frontier?

I do believe you have to change the body control module,that is one from a cruise control vehicle and the switches on the steering and the speed sensor on the transmission. I'm not sure whether the dash lights have to be put in or not but just guessing I would say yes. I am sitting in the same situation as you , my 05 Frontier is an SE model but without cruise so I questioned the dealerships and these are the answers I got from them.I have already replaced the switches on the steering,way cooler looking,and the harness is there to just plug them in,so too is the harness for the controls for the stereo. All I now need is the steering controlled stereo.

What wrong with automatic door on your 2006 Chrysler van push button and door opens 3 inches and stops?

Most likely one of the wires in the wiring harness is starting to break. Just had the same problem with my 05 T&C with 47k miles; the driver's side door had a dead spot right where the door extends out of the track. Moving it a few more inches would allow the power to kick back in. Eventually it stopped working totally. The wiring harness (the plastic caterpillar track looking thing in the door track) had several broken links, and one of the wires broke in half. Had the harness replaced ($80 for the part alone) and works like new. 2 weeks later the passenger side doing same thing, so I will be doing that side, too. The harness gets a lot of wear & tear, and is a known issue. The dealer(and maybe some aftermarkets) has the ability to check the sliding door computers for trouble codes. That will tell you if it is a wiring, latch, or motor issue.

How do you if replacing the blower motor resistor on a 2002 Impala is necessary and what is the price range on a resistor?

I had to replace a b.m resistor on my 05 Pont. Grand Prix and it was not that difficult and saved me a bunch of money. As fas as I can tell, and as in my case, if your blower motor is staying on high (even with the key out) then you have a bad resistor. The cost of mine for the 05 was $70. It was actually cheaper at the dealership and was in stock. It was really simple to replace. On the Grand Prix it was located under the glovebox. It's not very big and should have a wiring harness running into it and then from the resistor to the blower motor. There were two screws holding it in and just the one harness to re-attach. If you have anymore questions let me know.

How do you reset the low tire pressure switch on 2005 Scion tc?

The way you reset the low pressure light on a scion tc 05' is: Open the glove department and at the top left of the glove department there is a button and first make sure your car is on and in park with your foot on the brake and once you have done that then hold the button until you see the pressure light go away.

On a 1999 suzuki intruder vs 1400 where does the elecrical lead from the horn go?

On an 05 S83 which is the same bike with a few minor differences is, the wiring harnesses connections are under the seat and in the headlight. If you have a lot of wiring running behind your headlight bracket it is a safe bet is in there. .

Is there an auxiliary input on the 2005 ford escape stereo?

I also have an 05 Escape Limited. I do not have an AUX input. If you purchase an after market deck, you'll be able to use the AUX through the new deck.

Is the wiring diagram of a car Honda CR-V 2004 iden to the Honda CR-V 2005?

I own an earlier model..., but the body styles of the 04 and the 05 are the same except for a few cosmetic changes. The odds that the wiring diagrams are the same is quite high.

Are there any after market harness adapters for a 01 Lexus gs300 amplifier?

no harnesses are made for gs 98to 05 what u wanna do is hard wire aftermarket radio and bypass the amp check on youtube theres a few ways to do it u have to do some searching and see what will work best for you.Ihad to do research myself I even tried looking for a harness in the UK they just arent made for these cars trust me .And my local car stereo store wanted to charge something crazy like 500 dollars to install my double i di some research on google and youtube and got it figured out with a buddy of mine who had knowledge with car system wing and we got Rdone

Where is the air ride exhaust valve on a 05 gmc Denali?

Its on the driver side rear mounted on the frame next to the tire , The air ride exhaust valve is mounted on the air ride compressor unit and its not serviceable .. A new air ride compressor unit must be purchased ... If you have code C0660 make sure you check the valve circuit , with main harness to pump removed , check wires blue and white for resistance with an ohm meter and should measure 18-45 ohms , sometimes they develop an open circuit causing the code to pop up , if valve circuit is within specs check wiring harness and ride control module... Mondo in Texas

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