Scotch whisky definition?


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Scotch whisky is whisky distilled in Scotland, usually from malted barley.

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Scotch Whisky Association was created in 1942.

Scotch whisky is from Scotland.

I presume you mean Scotch Whisky. You can find Scotch Whisky anywhere in the world. Supermarkets, Whisky Shops and any other shop that sells alcohol.

Blended Whisky IS Scotch. Blended Whisky is, as the name suggests, a carefully selected blend of different whiskies.

Chivas Regal is a blended Scotch Whisky so not a single malt but it does contain around 40% malt whisky.

Scotch IS Whisky. Scotch Whisky.ANS 2 - Scotch whisky tastes different from American, Irish or Canadian whiskies. Single Malt Scotch whiskies even taste different by brand. This is all due to whatever the whisky is made from, including the water used in it, and how it is roasted, fermented and kept to age.

Scotch is a variety of whisky but all whiskies are not Scotch.

First, let's clarify something: Scotch is a type of whisky, but not all whisky is Scotch. To be Scotch, it must be produced in Scotland according to certain specific guidelines. You can follow those exact same guidelines in some other country and produce whisky, but it won't be Scotch. You can produce a liquor in Scotland, but unless it follows the guidelines, it also won't be Scotch. That said, Johnnie Walker is a Scotch whisky.


There IS no 'best Scotch' whisky. It's a matter of personal taste.

You may be thing of Scotch Whisky. That is to say whiskey made in Scotland.

"Scotch" (not including the trademark adhesive products from 3M) refers to anything from Scotland (like "Scottish" would be). In the nomenclature of alcoholic beverages, "scotch" refers to scotch whisky, a type of whisky distilled in Scotland. It generally has this smoky and/or peaty taste to it.

No, it is a single malt Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky is one which is distilled,blended and bottled in scotland

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society was created in 1983.

Scotch is whisky (also perhaps Canadian). Bourbon and Irish are whiskey

Try a Rusty Nail! 3 parts Scotch whisky 1 part Drambuie® Scotch whisky don't waste a decent malt on it though - stick to blended whisky. K

Drambuie, a liqueur made with Scotch whisky and honey; Dewar's, a brand of blended Scotch whisky; Disaronno, a brand of amaretto liqueur.

Generally speaking, only the spelling without the E is for Scotch whisky.

In 1 shot of scotch whisky, there is approximately 72 calories.

Whisky without an 'e' is scotch whisky, made in Scotland. Whiskey with an 'e' is American, Irish, Canadian and others except Japanese which has adopted the Scottish spelling.

There is NO difference. Scotch IS whisky. Scotch is a nickname for whisky made in Scotland. On every bottle of whisky made in Scotland the label says 'Scotch Whisky' rather than 'Scottish Whisky'. The word 'Scotch' simply means where the product is made i.e. Scotland. ----- Scotch is a tradename and must meet requirements for ingredients, distilling, aging and blending to be called "Scotch". Whiskey is more generic referring to any distilled drink made from grain mash, fermented and then distilled one, two or three times then stored in charred wooden barrels to "age" the whiskey and gain its brown color. In some cases the aging process is skipped as in the production of "moonshine", which techically could be called young unaged whiskey.

There is a trace of carbohydrates in regular whisky. Related link:http://www.weightlossforall.com/carbohydrates-alcohol.htm

Scotch whiskey is any whiskey (regardless of grain type etc.) that is made in Scotland and produced according to the Scotch Whisky Regulations. Single whiskey is whiskey that is produced anywhere in the world (unless it's Single Scotch Whisky, Single Irish Whisky etc.) and that comes from exactly one distillery. The distillery may bottle a single barrel or may mix together many different casks - as long as these all come from that one distillery, it's still "single".

its shud be in scotch whisky 150cl

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