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Scottish Gaelic for 'my only true love'?


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The Scottish Gaelic translation for: My only true love is:

"Cha d'fhuaireadh facal Gaidhlig mar"


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In Irish Gaelic: fíorghráIn Scottish Gaelic: fìor-ghaol

In Scottish Gaelic: ? In Irish Gaelic: treo fíor ó thuaidh

In Irish it's "fíorghrá"

The Irish Gaelic name Somhairle (Sorley) is equated with Samuel; also true for the Scottish Gaelic version Somhairle. It derives from the Norse Summarliethi/Somerled rather than Samuel.

fíorghrá means 'true-love' in Irish Gaelic.

Names aren't translated, they stay the same. True, but the names have 'equivalents/cognates' Irish would be Eoin or Seán in Irish and Iain in Scottish Gaelic.

Siobhrag elfMàileachan elfSìthich elfSíthiche dubh true elf (?)

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Cloíonn an fíorghrá gach uile ní

airgid dea-mhianaigh; dea-mhiotail. Pound sterling: punt Sasanach (true) fíor Scottish placename: Sruighlea

Brittney has no Scottish form as a given name, so it is not 'translated'a non-Gaelic name is usually left in its original form. This also true for Baker.In the past some surnames were given gaelicized forms:the feminine version would be Nic an Fuineadair for Baker.

There's actually no such language as "Celtic". Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today:BretonCornishIrish GaelicManxScottish GaelicWelsh

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In Welsh blood is gwaed and pure is glân.If you want 'true' in the sense of 'correct', that would be cywir.But when you say 'Celtic', do you mean Welsh, Cornish, Breton, Manx, Irish, or Scottish Gaelic? They are all different languages.

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