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A large group of sea otters is called a raft.

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Sea otters are very social animals.

Sea Otters do not seem to travel at all. They are social, but apparently in small family groups.

Animals that naturally live in groups are called social. Different social species have very different dynamics within their groups. Social herbivores usually live in groups called herds, while a group of carnivorous animals is usually called a pack.

a sea otters social habits are water

They are social animals and they live in groups called pods.

Integration is the removal of legal and social barriers that impose separation of groups.

Prarie dogs live in groups called towns or collonies. They also have a very difined social order.

because the play to much

Sociologists. They study the inner workings of society, that is to say it's different social groups, their institutions and organizations, the phenomena they generate and the relations that connect them.

otters are very social, and are considered one of the most playful wild animals.

They are social, but not with humans. Yes, they do live in large family groups called warrens.

They diminish the importance of primary groups ,but not secondary groups.

They live and travel in big groups called pods.

some social groups are aboriginals and european

Primary social groups are the main groups to which people belong. A great example of a primary social group would be the family.

Zebras are very social animals and live in groups called harems.

Yes, grey wolves live in groups called packs.

most likely always. Otters are very social and will most likely live in a group with it's parent.

Because they live in groups and they have a 'pack' hierarchy. They usually travel in groups - and are 'sociable' with each other.

Society can be seen as a large social group but it is the sum of all the various social groups as well as social rules and interactions. In any society, there are accepted ways of doing things, as in social groups. Social groups are made up of various workers, cultures, or age groups in society.

There are many types of river otters, and some are social while others are not. The Giant River Otter from the Amazon lives in packs, as do North American river otters, female Southern river otters, (males are solitary). The European river otter is extremely territorial.

Dolphins are social animals and are usually in groups called pods of 2 to 30.

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