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Secular Humanists believe suffering comes from the cause of people or series of unfortunate events. As there is no god or faith outside science death is an end and nothing more. No bright lights at the end of the tunnel, etc. By this cynical worldview suffering can also be viewed as nothing more than an unfortunate emotion evolution has brought on.

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Secular humanism and views on family?

Secular humanism is different from other non-religious or anti-religious philosophies in that humanists believe they have an obligation to serve humanity as a whole as opposed to just the individual. family members are part of humanity as a whole so theoretically a humanist would believe in treating their family members in an ethical manner based on his/her ideas of what is best for humanity.

What are some secular views on divorce?

Divorce happens. The laws are secular for divorce, as well as any thing else.

How did the influence of humanism affect our current Western culture?

The influence of humanism has affected the current Western culture in various ways. This is aligned with secularism which seems to directly influence political and religious views.

How does screwtape view death?

Screwtape views death negatively, as it often ends his plans to cause suffering to human kind. When good people die, they are taken to heaven and he has no control over them anymore. He also sees death as the purpose for life and the reason people are born.

What are Aristotle's views on King Lear?

Aristotle had no views on King Lear as it was written long after his death.

What is western Europe's religion?

For many years it had been Christianity, but for the last many years, the majority possess Agnostic views and believe largely in Secular Humanism. To call Western Europe in general "Christian" is a falsehood. There may still be a connection to a "Christian" past and some state churches remain subsidized by the state, their teachings are largely secular and no longer based on Scripture and Christian faith. There are some free confessional churches which survive without subsidy, but they are by far the minority.

What did Dante say about the limitations of secular of humanism?

Dante Alighieri; 1265-1321, believed that his design for a human world order would incorporate his belief in the dual nature of humanity. Man is of two parts: earthly/ temporary, which is our body, and spiritual/ eternal, the soul. Dante believed mankind's duty is to achieve happiness and everlasting life. His views of human nature and duty was an intergal part of his political belief that Church and State be separate. In other words, a secular government .

What were Phoenician views on life after death?

They thought the rational idea that life terminated with death.

What is the difference between humanities and humanism?

Humanities are a group of subjects relating to art and human experience: such as Art, Sociology, Literature and so forth. Humanism is a philosophy about how to live ones life and be a good and nice person. It contains no religious views, and is an atheist philosophy.

What are atheist views on suffering?

There is a huge range of atheists - Bertrand Russell - one of the most respected moral philosophers of the 20th century and Stalin - one of the biggest mass murderers in history were both atheists and doubtless had widely different views on suffering.

What are Functin of humanism towads reconstruction f African political thought?

Based on what Humanism stands for and that is respect for others, equality, tolerance, freedom and progress among others values, that bestow an individual with as many rights as possible then humanism should be the guiding philosophy for African political thought. Humanism may check tribalism, inequitable distribution of wealth, intolerance to opposing political views poor living conditions and insensitivity to the future generation.

What most influenced Plato's views in The Republic?

The death of Socrates

What were the religious views of the boys in lord of the flies?

Well back in that era people were Catholic or Chirstian. Not many were Secular (secular: of no or little faith). So if this is for a test, exam of assingment I would say 'People in that era were Catholic, Christian of Secular' but I wouldn't assume, as you will porbably get it wrong as it doensn't in the book what religion the boys were.Ciao :)

Which probably most influenced Plato's views in The Republic?

The death of Socrates

Advantages for non violent protest?

Less suffering, influential, less painful, less loss, easy way to get views across.

Why is a secular state necessary?

The problem with theocratic states, which are what results when secularism is not implemented, is that the leadership would ram their religious views down the throats of all of their citizenry.

Which in all likelihood most influenced Platos views in The Republic?

The death of Socrates

Why did wilfred Owens views change on war?

Many people changed their views on war once they were confronted by the brutality and reality of death and destruction on the battlefield.

What is Buddha nature?

That we all have within us the capacity to be free of suffering: naturally calm (equanimous), compassionate, generous, and tolerant; free of views.

In the rime of the ancient mariner the crew first views the bird's death as the cause of what?

It is a storm

What is the definition of secular music?

Always break apart phrases into the words' separate meanings. This makes it easier to fully understand. Secular means, in general, things that are not religious or spiritual. Music is vocal /and/or instrumentals, or both, that provide entertainment or expression of emotion.So secular music is instrumental or lyrics that have nothing to do with religious ideas or views.Example:Though Elvis Presley was known mostly for his secular music of the rock n' roll genre, he loved singing spiritual gospel music.

What is the New Age religion view on suffering and death?

The New Age isn't a single religion with a fixed doctrine, and different people have different views. Many believe in reincarnation and karma, explaining suffering as a payment for previous wrongs. Others believe that their consciousness joins a universal consciousness when they die. It is also common to believe that incarnation is a school and the suffering is given to us to help us learn. Some even say that we choose some of our major sufferings before we are born, choosing the curriculum as it were.

Which in all likelihood most influenced Plato's views in The Republic?

The death of Socrates APEX James

Is the death penelty right?

This question depends entirely on your religion, race, gender, political views, etc. Since everyone has different views, this question cannot be answered as yes or no.

What is Hinduism religion views on the after life?

Hindu Religion firmly believe in life after death. They believe in a cycle of life and death called Reincarnation (punarjanma)