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Seeing dead butterflies?

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Butterflies are not generally considered omens, unless the butterfly is your personal spirit/animal guide, in which case I recommend you ask your spiritual adviser.

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What do dead leaf butterflies eat?

nothing they are dead

Do butterflies eat dead people?


Do butterflies eat humans after they are dead?

No they do not. That is impossible.

How is the dead leaf butterflies habitat?

its good

What is the lottery number for the dead?


How are butterflies decomposers?

Butterflies are not decomposers. They consume only living things, not dead things. That makes them a consumer, not a decomposer.

Where can you buy dead butterflies?

You can buy dead butterflies at a science supply store. You can also find them at some hobby shops. The easiest place to find them is by looking for sellers online.

What is the phobia of seeing dead people?


What is the meaning of seeing unknow dead person in dreams?

seeing dead things in dreams is a sign of good things to come and seeing happy things is signs for misfortune and if you see clowns will there just scarey

What did Berta throw at Evelyns Wedding on Two and a Half Men?

Dead butterflies

What does a Day of the dead skull with butterflies mean?

the day of the dead skulls are made to make fun of the dead they mean nothing. the day of the dead skulls are made to make fun of the dead they mean nothing.

Do fish eat butterflies?

I put a dead butterfly in the gar pond and a gar ate it.

What does it mean if you see a dead butterfly?

Meanings nothing, it is a dead butterfly. Look on your windshield when you drive there are many dead butterflies and that is all they are. Anything else is superstition and a fallacy.

Pros and cons to being a mortician?

pros- money cons- seeing dead children. well anything dead, seeing people cry. You need to be emotionaly stable to do this job

Are butterfly a scavengers?

In general butterflies are not considered to be scavengers. Most butterflies feed on nectar and juice from plants. However, there are some species that feed on rotting fruits and dead animals.

What do blue morpho butterflies eat?

Rotting dead logs, flowers, leaves, sap ,and juices.

What does blue morpho butterflies eats?

Rotting dead logs, flowers, leaves, sap, and juices.

What do butterflies have to do with the Holocaust?

In the children's barrack of the Maidenek concentration camp it has been reported that the children scratched and etched hundreds of butterflies on the walls. The butterflies were supposedly a message of hope, that despite the fact that they would be dead before long, their souls would not die.

When you dream of your dead father what number should I play for the dead?

What number should I play when I Dream about my dead mom

What happend on Easter?

Jesus rose from the dead he then vanished after seeing his mum

What does Ralph recall on hearing Simon and seeing the sky?

about a dead man

What does it mean to keep seeing dead birds?

It means you probably have a cat.

What is inside an ancient Egyptian coffin?

Inside an Egyptian coffin is a mummy and occasionally a bag of dead butterflies

In what type of creature do many of the Mexican people believe the spirits of their dead relative return?

Monarch Butterflies

Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory?

No, but it does sound like a lovely and sweet description.