Serpentine belt diagram 4.0 jeep

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There are 7 pulleys to put it over or under on the 4.0. The ridged side of the belt goes on the ridged pulleys, the smooth side of the belt goes on the smooth pulleys. The ridged side is 'inside' the loop made by the fan. So starting on the left (facing the truck) The upper left corner pulley (AC Compressor) OVER Directly under that, low, the alternator UNDER OVER the fan UNDER the motor INSIDE the tensioner OVER the Power Steering pump UNDER the water pump Another way to put it: So the two large, center pulleys are the water pump and the motor. It is on the bottom of both of these. The top two on left and right, respectively are the AC Compressor and the power steering pump. it is on top of these. The remaining two pulleys are on the left; a small one low is the alternator which the belt runs on the bottom. The other is the fan which the belt runs over the top. Make sure the tensioner pushes the belt IN TOWARD THE WATER PUMP as you tighten it.

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Q: Serpentine belt diagram 4.0 jeep
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