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Several attorneys have told you your siblings can charge you and your live-in boyfriend rent for living in shared inherited property from your deceased parents is that accurate?

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January 03, 2007 3:25PM

Not only can they charge you rent which you should gladly pay

because they now have a vested interest in that property, they can

choose to sell it, unless in the will it was stated otherwise. I

would come to a compromise with them before your out of place to

live. A house inherited is a gift to all but it is also an expense

to upkeep and maintain. Let's say a house is worth $300,000 and

there are 3 kids involved. Well, that could mean 100,000 each if

they sell and no headaches. Now you have one sibling living in a

place and theres is no income coming from the place, either by

renting or selling, but there is still upkeep and maintainance. You

cant see their point of view because your not shelling out anything

and getting to stay in the place for free. If you can buy out their

shares and the house can be yours. If not be fair buck up the money

to live there and be prepared to pay for most of the maintainance

yourself because you are using the home, not them.

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