Sex during menstruation

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its messy and there is still a small chance you can get pregnant

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Q: Sex during menstruation
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Related questions

Can sex during period cause ganorrhea?

No, sex during menstruation does not cause gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is an STD, it would be transmitted via sex.

Is sex fun during your period?

Yes, sex is fun during fact sex should be fun at any time! During menstruation women can often be more sexually aroused, have increased senses, be more aware of their sexual anatomy, and blood can add to lubrication, as such sex during menstruation can be a lot more enjoyable and women may find they can reach climax easier.

What does Islam say about sex during menstruation?

Intercourse sex during wife menstruation (monthly period) is strictly forbidden and is sinful. However, oral sex as kissing and touching wife nipples or husband penis could be allowed.

Is there a chance to get pregnant 4 days after the menstruation?

you can get pregnant at anytime if you have sex(even during menstruation or even if you use "protection").

Would you fall pregnant during your period?

No, you wouldn't fall pregnant during your period as there is no egg present during menstruation. However it is possible for you to be fertile during menstruation, this would mean that sperm from sex during menstruation may live long enough to fertilise the egg released during ovulation.

What happens to your cervix when you have a period?

During menstruation the cervix will sit lower in the vagina. Often the cervix will also be more sensitive during menstruation so if hit during sex may be more painful.

What can you do during your period?

You can do absolutely anything you like during menstruation - there is absolutely nothing that you can't do on your period. In fact some things can be better during menstruation, for example sex can be a lot more pleasurable during menstruation and many women find they're much more creative during menstruation so they may be more likely to create great works of art.

Can you do a girl on her period?

By "do" I assume you mean a very disrespectful scumbag way of sexying 'have sex with' - yes, you can have sex with a women during menstruation.

Is it safe to get sex 8 days after your menstruation?

As long as you have no other health issues, it is safe to have sex at any time during your cycle.

What are the foods that can cause menstruation?

Avoiding sex will cause menstruation to occur.

Can a woman ovulate while on her period?

No, although a woman may be fertile during her period due to fertile quality cervical mucus (thus pregnancy is a possibility from sex during menstruation) she cannot ovulate during menstruation. Typically women ovulate 14 days before menstruation, or if a woman has a short menstrual cycle she may ovulate next right after menstruation.

What causes pregnancy before menstruation?

The same thing that causes pregnancy after menstruation: sex.

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