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Shadowscythe T Shirt Code?


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is a weapon you get with a t-shirt code that i don't know

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There are a couple of different schools of thought with the ShadowScythe T-shirt codes. The first is the purchase of the special edition shirt is required. Each shirt comes with a unique code and each code can only be used once. The second is many have said the codes are a scam.

Buy a shadowscythe T - Shirt to find out. Each one is different.

The DoomKnight armor is only available in Adventure Quest if you use the code you obtained by buying the shadowscythe t-shirt

Buy the shadowscythe T shirt from Artix Entertainment.

You have to buy a Shadowscythe T-Shirt by going to T-Shirts under merchandise at the mechquest homepage and then you'll be at site where you can buy the shirts. If you buy one it will come with a a code that you can use to redeem one of these mechas.

there are different codes for every t-shirt, you have to find someone who is willing to give away a code they have

You have to purchase a T-shirt. When you get the T- shirt you get a special code. Go to the website after you get the code and go to gift cetificates section. Then, select character and type in code.

There are no t-shirt codes yet, but if you suggest them they might create some.

Some open source programmers profess to "code for cotton". IMHO this means to get paid with a t-shirt (basically to code for free). There's a reference to this in Googles SummerOfCode FAQ Peter Wiltshire, KIS Software

You have to buy the magizine, and it will have a code in it... Add me!: fatscruffyfurball

there is none for glasses its REDANDGREEN but thats it for clothes

You need to buy Season 11 Moshi Mag and you gey a free secret code for the t-shirt but all the codes are different and only used once.

I already used the code on all of the games. :P No point of knowing someone's ChickenCow T-Shirt code when it's already used.

You have to click on the T-shirt icon next to the stranger outside Mysterious Johnson's, buy a T-shirt, and the corresponding code you get with the T-shirt will be accompanied by directions. It usually ends up being $27 after shipping and it will give you the desired Mecha which is truly awesome.

The Sepulchure mecha can be gotten with a promo code that comes with a shadowsythe t-shirt. (You can not get it without buying shirt)

To get the I love Moshi Monsters T-Shirt (framed) you need to enter this code: JF2FEBWQE2PC PS: Please add me I'm awesomegirl02 (sorry if that account name is wrong its just that I don't go on very much). Or add me on meganstar201. THIS CODE DOES NOT WORK. :(

The code comes with moshi magazine issue 11 ( the christmas one!)

You can find many different VIP t-shirt doors on the Roblox free models. Most doors will have instructions in their source code explaining how to configure them to work with your t-shirt. You can also find a tutorial on how to make a VIP shirt on the Roblox Wiki.

How to get shuts: (1.) Order a t-shirt (for a person, not a webkinz pet.) You will get a feature code in an email when your t-shirt is shipped from the warehouse. (2.) You can also trade with people, but they are hard to get! The t-shirt designer is retired, so you cannot order the t-shirt anymore. SO the only way to get shuts would be to trade.

If you want to order a Webkinz t-shirt and you want a code then you go to the Ganz eStore and go to the t-shirt designer. They also have a few on Amazon with new unopened codes.

T-shirt is a loan word in German, so it remains the same - T-shirt.

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