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Shape a baseball cap?

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If you want to shape the brim, rubberband it around a can or jar. Depending on the curve you are looking for depends on the size of can or jar. Also, soaking the brim or washing the cap may speed the process.

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What is the shape of the clown's cap?


Why do baseball bats have a concave end cap?

So you can balance a baseball on the cap.

What is the front of the baseball cap called?

The front of a baseball cap is called the bill. The front of the bill is called crown, the shade for the baseball cap is called 'bill'.

How do you break in a baseball cap?

you can cut the baseball cap or or let your dog chew this is what i think you can do

How do you get the smell out of a baseball cap?

Put it on the top rack of the dishwasher and wash it with the next load--takes out the stains and smells and keeps its shape too.

What is the redcap cactus?

A red cap cactus is a cactus that the top of it is red and its shape like a cap that why its call red and cap

What is the difference between baseball cap and trucker cap?

A baseball cap has cotton or wool material all around the cap. A trucker cap has foam material on front and a synthetic netting material on back.

Where was the baseball cap invented?

New York. In 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore a cap that became popular as a "Brooklyn style" cap, which eventually evolved into the modern baseball cap.

What does une casquette mean in English?

a cap / a baseball cap

How do you draw a baseball cap?

u go to google, type in baseball cap, and then you draw it or in my case, trace it

What is the head shape of a Scottish Fold?

The head shape of a Scottish Fold are cap shaped heads.

Who invented the baseball cap?

my @$$

How to dry a baseball cap?

To dry a baseball cap, I either leave it out in the sun or use a hair dryer to dry it.

What is the shape of homeplate in baseball?

Home plate on a baseball field is the shape of a pentagon.

How do you get the green baseball cap and overalls on clubpenguin?

You cannot get the Baseball cap or overalls unless it is in the catologe. Or if you have some sort of trainer to get you the items.

What shape is a baseball facemask?

an egg shape

Where can I get a Custom Baseball Cap?

The sports store.

How do you wash a baseball cap?

You just wash it !

What actors and actresses appeared in The Boy in the Baseball Cap - 2001?

The cast of The Boy in the Baseball Cap - 2001 includes: Coleen Tutton as Wendy

What is the button on top of a baseball cap called?

Squatcho (skwatch' oh) - n. The button at the top of a baseball cap. In short, a button.

How do you shrink a baseball cap?

If the cap is made of wool, you can soak it in warm water and then place it on your head. The cap will begin to form to your head as it shrinks.

Is a cap required to be worn as part of the baseball uniform?

yes it is in the rules of baseball.

What did Babe Ruth wear in his baseball cap during baseball games?

a feather

What is the history of the baseball cap?

The baseball cap was originally invented in Europe somewhere in the west. The first baseball caps had a strap of cow hide to keep them on. It is thought that they were first made in the 1890's.

What is the front part of a baseball cap called?

Front part of a baseball is called "peak", i.e. the stiff front part of a cap that sticks out above you eyes.

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