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November 27, 2008 6:36AM

The US Navy Battleship USS New Jersey (Iowa Class), and all aircraft carriers, cruisers, and destroyers rotated thru the gunlines off the North and South Vietnamese Coastlines. The US Navy's second "navy" was the "Brown Water Navy" (aka Riverine Force), this organization consisted of: Swift Boats (PCF-Patrol Craft Fast, all aluminum construction, 50 feet long, 5 crewmen and 1 officer commanding); PBR (Patrol Boat River-all fiberglass construction, water jet propelled, 5 crewmen, 32 feet long); Alpha Boats (ASPB-Assault Support Patrol Boat, all steel construction, the only US Navy riverine boat designed from the drawing board up, for the Vietnam War; used as a minesweeper to lead river boats up and down rivers, as it was especially designed to withstand river mines); Monitors (converted WW2 steel landing craft; River Battleships, with a 40mm or 105mm howitzer cannon in the forward turret).