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Personal decision I have them and have had good luck with AAA Not restricted to bring vehicle to dealer for repair and don't have to come up with big bucks for service

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Q: Shoul you get an extended warranty?
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What is offered in the mastercard extended warranty?

The extended warranty for the mastercard offers an extended warranty for anything bought with the card that came with an original and maybe limited warranty in the first place.

What are the features as part of a Buick's extended warranty?

The company Buick allows their customers to be able to purchase an extended warranty on their products. The extended warranty covers the cost of some repairs on the car. The extended warranty can be expensive.

Purchase an Extended Warranty?

form_title=Purchase an Extended Warranty form_header=An extended warranty can help pay for large repairs that aren't covered under a normal warranty. Do you currently have a warranty?= () Yes () No What features do you expect out of a warranty?=_ Do you have a loan on your vehicle?= () Yes () No

How can one get a Circuit City extended warranty?

You can get a Circuit City extended warranty by paying extra for your warranty. Extended warranties are very recommended because they guarantee more protection.

What is an extended auto warranty?

An extended auto warranty is an agreement from a warranty company to pay for repairs to your vehicle for a period longer than your original auto warranty. For information on what you can expect from an extended warranty and what the top rated companies are look at

How do you extend car warranty?

go to for an extended warranty

When does an extended warranty go into effect?

After the original warranty expires

What does an extended warranty do and how can I get one?

The benefits of having an extended warranty for a car is if you are in a car accident the warranty will cover the cost damages. To get a car warranty you can go to a site called

Can you get an extended warranty for a dell laptop computer?

Yes there is an extended warranty plan for Dell computers. Most computer retailers offer some type of extended warranty at time of purchase which you can buy.

Who can I get an extended warranty from?

There are many companies out there that can write you an additional extended warranty. Some of these companies are Vehicle Assurance Plan, AA Auto Warranty and Direct Buy.

Do ranges normally come with manufacturer warranties and the offer of an extended warranty?

Yes, most stores will sell you a extended warranty, and every manufacturer offers a warranty.

How can I obtain an extended warranty for my vehicle?

There should be a number on the warranty of the car. If you call that number, you can figure out all the information you need to renew your cars' extended warranty.

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