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Is totally wrong! Citizens should have their own choices in health care. The government should never interfere in this.

Hoover did not believe that the government should lead the way to end the economic depression.

That government should be the controlling and regulating authority. government involvement would be dangerous to individual freedom.

Canada elect a government by the following rules: 1.You sould be atleast 18 years and above should live in Canada 3.You should be a canadian citizen

You should vote so that your views are represented in the government.

Its not...the government should be thanked for all of that

They believed government involvement would protect the economy.They believed that the government should spend money to help the economy.Tyler vetoed the Whig economic legislation and was expelled from the Whig party. It presently has two members elected to a school board and a local position.

An economic system should be driven by free market forces, not government intervention. A+

President Coolidge believed that governmental involvement should be as minimally regulated as possible. When he said, "The business of America is business," he meant that the economic activity was the most important aspect of American prosperity.

Libertarianism or complete Capitalism - both hold that the government should mind its own (vulgarity censored).

Government should promote economic development in the North He wanted a strong central government.

How government should be involved in the economy

It depends on the issue. If you are asking him about women's personal decisions (like abortion or birth control), he wants the government out of people's bedrooms. He thinks the government should not regulate such private matters. But if you are asking about health care, he believes the government should play a role in making sure people have access to affordable and reliable care. As a Democrat, Mr. Obama believes that government is not evil, nor is it always the problem. He believes that sometimes, government can be the solution. But he does not believe the government should become so involved that it prevents economic growth or impedes progress in scientific research.

It is not good in Canada. The license should be issued by the government were the ceremony is. A certificate of marriage from the US will be recognized as valid in Canada.

Capitalism or Libertarian ( they are not the same thing)

An economic conservative is one who believes that the government should have a limited role in the economy. For example, an economic conservative would be against laws which regulate what businesses can do, such as requiring safety equipment, and be for the elimination of government subsidies to farmers and other government programs which could be performed by the private sector, such as Amtrak or the Post Office. An economic conservative may also be a social conservative, but this isn't necessary. For example, while most moderate Republicans are both economically and socially conservative, most Libertarians are only economically conservative. Also, economic conservatism covers a range of views rather than a single ideology. While most Republicans would like to see a reduction in government spending, most would balk at eliminating the Federal Reserve or government involvement in road construction.

No it should not. there is no way that a government could get control over the complexity's that make any economy work. that does not mean however that some economic factors should not be overseen by the government to make sure that they are legal under the law of the land.

Why should they, the wimpy Canadian Government gives them everything the US wants anyway.

Depression should be left to be solved themselves without the Government getting involved in the economy.

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