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Canada did not have any obligation to be involved in World War 1. Canada had no personal grievances against any of the powers involved.

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Q: Should Canada been involved in ww1?
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Should the US have got involved in WW1?

USA got involved in WW1 because they had promised to stick my Austria-Hungary in case of war.

Leaders involved in world war 1?

who were the leaders involved in WW1 who were the leaders involved in WW1

How many wars has Canada been in?

Three WW1, WW2, and the Korean war

What are 3 other wars Australia has been involved in?

Australia was involved in the two Boer wars, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam.

What were the other wars that Canada was involved in?

Canada has lost soldiers fighting in the Boer Wars, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. - And in peacekeeping all over the world.

Were there any aboriginals involved in WW1?

of course there was- as were many other nationalities from the world living in Canada at the time- minus maybe a few

What are 5 conflicts that Australia has been involved in since 1915?

WW1 , WW2, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq

When did japan get involved in ww1?


How did Canada benefit aftr WW1?

Canada got independance

What was Canada's role in WW1?

to fight

What did Canada achieve in WW1?


How war president Wilson involved?

WW1 .

Why did Germany get involved in ww1?

ya mum

How many people were involved with WW1?


Did Germany have an alliance with Canada in ww1?

No. Canada was allied with Britain against Germany.

How many nations were involved in World War 1?

there where 6 nations involved in WW1

Why did Canada not take an active role in World War 2?

Oh dear..... now which history books have you not been reading ? Canada was active in both WW1 & WW2.

How did World War 1 contribute to Canada's changing identity?

Before WW1 Canada was part of the British Empire, after WW1 Canada had pretty much proven itself to the British that they are deserving to be their own country.

Was WW1 the first American involved war?

well i dont know ask your self we have been in the civil war (hint hint).

Which countries were involved in WW1?

little iresh min

Why did Newfoundland get involved with ww1?

because britain was at war

Who did Canada fight in WW1?

Canada fought a lot with Britain in the attempt to stop the Germans.

In World War 1 did japan surrender?

Japan was heavily involved in WW1 and was asked for help several times by the British - Japan emerged from WW1 victorious and in control of more territory According to my husband, the history buff, Japan was not involved in WW1.

Why did America not want to get involved in World War 1?

American joined WW1 in 1917, they were involved

Why was Australia involved in galipoli?

Because Australia was a member of the British empire and as such became involved as an ally of Britain in WW1