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it is normal to experience pain after knee surgery for a few weeks as the skin, muscles and bone have been cut and take time to heal. This normally settles down within a few weeks. It is really important to keep going with your exercise programme as that will help you make the quickest recovery.

People usually find they have much less pain after knee replacements, because even though there is pain from the surgery, the problem in the knee (most likely Arthritis) has gone, so lots of people actually find they have much less pain even straight after surgery.

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Q: Should I have pain after knee replacements?
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Where can you find information on knee ligament replacements?

You can find information on knee ligament replacements by visiting your family doctor or nurse for advice on what suitable replacements are available. There are also health websites which you can visit that will provide relevant information in regards to knee replacements.

Who do some patients have to have knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacements are done when there is no other way for a person to regain the proper use of a knee. Knee replacement is often required when osteoarthritis has damaged the joint to a point where the patient can no longer walk without pain .

How can I reduce my knee pain when I exercise?

You should stretch before you start to exercise to prevent your knee pain. Also you should try taking some pain re-leavers to get rid of the pain that you have at the moment.

What alternatives can you do to help knee pain?

To help knee pain you can use all sorts of products like something that is make to cure pain in the knee, if you go to CVS the pharmacist should be able to help you

Is severe knee pain a symptom of arthritis?

There is a wide variety of symptoms and causes of severe knee pain. Besides a sudden injury or overuse of the injured knee, the pain can be attributed to bursitis, gout, and arthritis. Regardless of the condition, medical attention should be sought with knee pain.

What to do for bad knee pain?

If you have bad knee pain you should make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. In the meantime you can use ice and heat to help control the pain.

15 things no one tells you about knee replacements?

Knee replacement, also called knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement, is a surgical procedure to resurface a knee damaged by arthritis. Metal and plastic parts are used to cap the ends of the bones that form the knee joint, along with the kneecap. In other words, Total knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure where parts of knee joints are replaced with artificial parts. Call 03 94284128

Was there any knee replacements recalled?


Does being overweight guarantee knee pain when running?

Being overweight does and can lead to knee pain while running. It also leads to knee problems if you do not change your life style. Either if you are overweight or a health weight and have knee pain you should consult a doctor.

Should I run with knee pain?

You should first consult with your doctor. Since the knee pain can be a sign of something worse, it is best to get an expert opinion before you do continue running.

If you have knee pain, do you need a replacement?

Without knowing much about the knee pain or your age, I would say that in most cases, knee pain does not require a knee replacement. Often, knee pain can be the result of stress to the knee, mild spraining, or even weak bones. Taking a calcium supplement and avoiding strenuous lifting or other difficult activities for a few days should help the pain. If pain persists after that time, it would be best to see your doctor, but needing a knee replacement is still very unlikely.

Is there any Doctors that 's done total knee surgery on someone that's had partial knee replacements?

Yes. I work in an Orthopedic office and many patients that have previously had partial knee replacements are candidates for a total knee replacement. In our office, many of the docs do not do partial knee replacements, especially in younger people because the chance of the cartilage on the other side wearing down necessitating a total knee replacement is quite frequent.

What could a knee that clicks be a symptom of?

A clicking knee could be a symptom of arthritis, which is a infection of your own body. If there is no pain, then u should feel aright, if there is a pain then you should go to the doctor.

Where do I go to find out what to use for knee pain from running?

First, knee pain can be caused by many different things, before you start taking medication, you should go to the doctor and find out the cause of the knee pain. There are also some over the counter drugs for knee pain at any drug store or pharmacy.

How do you get rid of knee pain?

It depends on why your knee is hurting. You should have a doctor examine your knees and possibly do x-rays, labs, or MRI. If it is caused by arthritis (which most knee pain is injury or arthritis related) taking NASIDs help inflammation and pain, glucosomine pills or drinks help rebuild cartilage, and ointments for pain are easy over the counter options. If these don't work, you may need physical therapy, prescription medication, and or steroid shots. Usually low impact exercise and weight loss can help improve knee pain. For extreme cases, There is a gel injection shot that helps with cartilage loss, If all else fails you can get knee replacements (which typically last 12-20 years nowadays.

Can you sauna with titanium knee replacements?

Ask your doctor

Has anyone with knee replacements paticipated in the paralympics?


What are some typical causes of minor knee pain?

According to one expert the most common causes of minor knee pain are: strains, ligament tear, cartilage tear or osteoarthritis. If you have persistent knee pain you should get it properly diagnosed.

Side effects of knee cap replacements?

my knee cap moves side to sede what can the problem be?

What types of exercise bikes will help with knee pain?

It depends on why you are having knee pain. If the knee pain is due to weight being placed on the knee, then using an exercise bike or a recumbent exercise bike may help ease the pain. If the pain is due to a motion caused used while walking, then using a bike will probably only exacerbate this pain. In either case, you should probably consult your doctor about the pain.

What should you do about the pain behind your knee?

try pain killers. however if the problem does not go away you should see a doctor about it.

What is the medical term for knee pain?

Chronic knee pain has many causes and components. Due to this there is not one name for chronic knee pain. A common type of knee pain is osteoarthritis.

Can needing to have a knee replacement op be hereditory?

Osteoarthritis, which often leads to Knee replacements does have a genetic factor.

What is the answer to the brain teaser NEpainCK?

pain in my neck

Is knee joint pain a symptom of arthritis?

Symptoms of arthritis in the knee include limited range of motion, stiffness of the knee, swelling and tenderness of the joint, and pain of the knee. If you suffer from more than one of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor right away.