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Anyone who reaches out for help and is willing to receive that help whom is in an abusive relationship should get that help, and there are resources both online and in the community to access the right kind of assistance.

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Q: Should I help my ex-girlfriend who is currently in a rebound relationship with an abusive partner?
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How do you know when someone is in an abusive relationship?

i know from past relationship that having an abusive relationship is not easy but there are no signs you can look out for or things you could do, if the person loves there partner you carnt do nothing i was in a abusive relationship and kind of still am but that's tough love for you xxx

How can you tell when your in a abusive relationship?

the way to tell if you are in an abusive relationship is if your partner is forcing you to do things that are harmful to your saftey, or dangerous. like things you dont want to do. so remember, being forceful, or hurting one another in a relationship is abusive. even if it is the smallest thing like a hit on the head becasue you said no, its still abusive..hope this helped

How to know if your exgirlfriend does not love u anymore how would she act around u?

Every relationship is different, and there are no universal signs of falling out of love. If you are having doubts about your relationship, the best thing to do would be to share your concerns with your partner.

Can an abusive relationship be fixed?

The only solution to an abusive relationship is to get out of that relationship. Your partner may tell you that they'll change, but that's what they know you want to hear. The fact of the matter is, they like to be controlling of you and if they say what they think you want to hear, in order to get you to stay, and it works, they're still controlling you.

How do you help someone who is in an emotionally abusive relationship?

Abusive relationships are some of the most difficult ones to resolve. THis type of relationship assumes that one partner is abusive and continues to be so because there is no response to the abuse. The difference here centers on "self-assurance." The abusive partner continues his or her behavior because there is no response. I can not suggest how the abused party should respond because in most instances they feel diminished. This situation can only be resolved through extended counseling, if at all.

How far into marriage does a man start becoming abusive?

Honestly it is up to you and your partner and how strong your relationship is. If you are seriously asking this question then it means that you probably do not trust your partner. Marriage is about love and trust. It is up to you and your relationship to prevent things like that from happening.

Can a man from non-abusive upbringing become an abuser if with a partner who grew up in an abusive home with no therapy at all?

It is highly unlikely that man who does not have an abusive personality will become an abuser if their partner grew up in an abusive home and refuses help. Good men know they should never hit a woman which in some cases can lead to male abuse by a woman. The stress of being around an abusive person be it verbally or physical abuse is bound to have effects on the non abusive partner, but most men will only take so much and have the opportunity of leaving the relationship.

How do you reason with abusive partner?

You don't. You get away.

Does Cannabis make your partner abusive? should make them lethargic...they were abusive before the drugs.

Why does an abusive boyfriend get mad when you allow your ex-husband to get you upset?

Because he is abusive. Partner abuse is a treatable sickness, but not always curable. Staying with an abusive partner does not help them to become a better person.

How do I know if I am in a verbally abusive relationship?

if you partner calls you bad names or puts you down in any way.

Is it good to go back to an abusive partner?

No, absolutely not.

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