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I would think you should. That is why they sell kits to do so.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-17 20:27:25
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Q: Should I try to repair leaks in an above-ground swimming pool myself?
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How do you repair a check valve in a swimming pool?

you have to replace it.not repair it.

Should I try do repair the cracked bumper of my car myself Or is smarter if I took it to a repair shop?

Cosmetic auto repair for things like cracked bumpers is generally tricky and not recommended to try yourself as you could easily worsen the damage.

Where can I find out how to do my own swimming pool repair?

You can find out how to do your own swimming pool repair with Pool School PRO. Pool School PRO is the ultimate online manual for all do it yourself swimming pool owners, contractors, and service people.

How can one repair a concrete driveway?

My concrete driveway cracked right up the middle. How can I repair it myself?

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Some dishwasher repairs are simple and can be performed yourself with help from the manual or by speaking to customer service to walk you through the steps. If the repair is more complex you should call in the profeccionals.

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I need to repair my concrete sidewalk. Is this something I can do myself or do I need to hire someone?

How do you repair a fiber optic swimming pool light?

This should be left to the professional pool service tech. He will have the necessary tools and the knowledge of the lighting system and local codes.

What should be included in a repair estimate?

what should be included in a repair estimate

What are the advantages of installing a fiberglass swimming pool as opposed to a concrete one?

Fiberglass swimming pools are easier to maintain, repair, and are less costly to install.

What is the approximate cost to repair an in ground swimming pool leak?

It depends upon where that leak is.

How do you repair a leak in underground PVC pipe around swimming pools?

Check out:

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I am a single mom and my dishwasher just broke. I don't have the money to pay someone to repair it, so I want to do it myself. Is there a tutorial on dishwasher repair online?

How do you repair your rusty swimming pool ladder?

A rusty swimming pool ladder is not so good to see in your swimming pool. I advice you to repaint your rusty pool ladder or you can just buy a new one.

Is it possible to fix the power cord on my computer screen myself or should I seek professional help?

Unless you have a background in elecronics or electrical engineering do not attempt to repair the power to your monitor.

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I have a leaky kitchen faucet that I'd like to try to fix by myself. What tools do I need in order to do the repair?

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Mechanic told you your 99 Lincoln navigator was misfiring how much time does that take to repair?

i have done it myself on my 2001 navi it should take no more than a hour but you know repair shops they will tell you 3 hours. it should only take about 1 hour to change the all the spark plugs and coils

How to repair metal above ground pool walls?

I didn't know that there were swimming metal walls.

How can you repair your residential wind turbine myself?

Repairing wind turbines is work that requires some very specialized knowledge and tools, and so should probably not be undertaken yourself. Some companies may even require that you use the services of one of their repair people.

Can I do brake repair myself?

There are eight simple steps you can follow for do it yourself brake repair. They can be found at this web link:

How do you repair an inground swimming pool's vinyl lining?


Swimming pool pipe leak repair?

Pipe leaks on swimming pool are typically repaired by cutting away the damaged section and replacing it. Leaking joins can be fixed by resealing them.

Do I need a swimming pool contractor to repair a broken pump?

A swimming pool contractor would not be necessary. An electrician or a small engine repairperson would be a better, and cheaper, choice.

How do you repair pipes in a concrete in-ground swimming pool?

You would call your local swimming pool contractor for an estimate and advice. This would be something that only they are equipped to handle.