Should US still make nuclear missiles?

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Yes. The nuclear arsenal of the United States is made so that it must be refurbished every three months or the nuclear warheads will not work. This is done by design so that if a weapon ever comes up missing, after a short time it will become just a large semi-radioactive paperweight.

Other than that, If we did not continue to make nuclear weapons, Other countries who do still have nuclear weapons would be able to attack us with no worries about being hit themselves. Our threat of nuking other countries is what keeps our country safe from nuclear attack.

Is nuclear power still used?

Answer . In the US between 25 and 30 percent of the electrical power is supplied by Nuclear Reactors.

When was the first nuclear missile used?

Nuclear missiles have never been used. The only nuclear weapons ever used were bombs dropped on Hiroshima ('Little Boy' Aug 6, 1945) and Nagasaki ('Fat Man' Aug 9, 1945).

What are nuclear missiles?

It is a nuclear weapon that does not require other means oftransport, such as a plane or carrier. But can be launched and"steered" toward a target or automatically find its ta

Should you still use nuclear power?

Nuclear power is very good source of energy to turn to. The only problem is the storage of nuclear waste, that is left over after the nuclear reaction the power plant. The

Did they used nuclear missiles in world war 1?

No. The first nuclear weapons were used in 1945 during the Second World War. These however were bombs (dropped from a plane) not missiles. The first successful nuclear explosi

How would you be warned of a nuclear missile heading toward us?

Probably by the EWS which uses the old civil defense siren system (you should still hear these periodically tested). Check on your local EWS radio or TV station for instructio
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How do you make a nuclear missile?

Take a rocket and put a nuclear warhead/bomb in its payload, instead of a satellite or humans. This produces a nuclear ICBM. Shorter range rockets or unmanned jets aircraft
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Can North Korean nuclear ballistic missile reach us?

To reach the USA, North Korea would need to have an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) with a very high payload capacity. Notes indicate that the North Koreans have
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Where nuclear missiles used in either of these wars?

Missiles with nuclear warheads have never been used in war. The only nuclear weapons ever used in war were the 2 used to end WW2 in Japan. These were gravity bombs.