Should a 14 year old get pregnant?


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No!!!!!!!are you freakin crazy?

No; at 14 you are too young. Also you are too young to be having sex.

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Yes if you suspect you could be pregnant you should take a pregnancy test.

Yes, since both of you have started puberty. Kids can get pregnant younger than that. Dont do it!

It is illegal for an adult to engage in sexual intercourse with a minor, and no one can give consent. However no one at age 14 should be thinking about having sex, let alone with someone who is 22. Yeah an adult can be filed by rape case even if it has consent because 14 year old is a minor. And a 14 year old should think of studying not those kind of things. Wait until your 18 ok The direct answer to the question is "Yes," a 14 year old girl can get pregnant by a 22 year old.

He can go to jail for statutory rape as the 14 year old is under age. It is not just the getting pregnant it is having sex that is illegal.

None, sex between a 14 year old and an 18 year old is illegal in all states.

It is possible but bad for everyone including the parents and the baby.

Girls can become pregnant after receiving their period

Then they will both get in trouble with the law.

Yes this happens all the time. At 15 he should be in puberty and can very well be fertile and so can she.

You better believe it! The amount of trouble will vary depending on the state, but a 14 year old should never have been allowed to have that sort of contact with a high school student.

STUPID! Of course it impossible!

wat if a 14 year old gets pregnant by an 18 year old?but both parents on both side doesnt think any thing wrong about it and gives them the consent to carry on their relationship

No it is not illegal. BUT SHOULD NOT BE DONE... A 19 year old should have more sense than to be influencing a 14 year old like that

with the police? no, with his and her parents? absolutely!

Very high - girls of 14 are fertile

52g of portions a 14 year old boy should have (years: 14-18)

The 14 year old has a baby and the 17 year old ends up with criminal charges for sexual contact with someone under the age of consent.

Unless the parents of the 14 year old are in approval of you no. Good luck with that one though

It is very not likely. A 14 year old cannot support themselves and does not have the education to obtain a job.

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