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If you truly believe that you can love this child unconditionally, put this child before any other person or thing, except God you should keep it and love it with all your heart. I had my daughter when I was 15 and turned 16 three weeks later. I will not lie to you it was hard but it was worth every minute of it. She is my best friend. We have such a close relation ship and now she has gave me 3 beautiful grand daughters. I thank God for her every day. When you hold that tiny bundle in your arms and look at that face you know you are truly blessed. You want this child and your mother is there for you. Do what your heart tells you to do. God Bless It would be wonderful to keep your baby. Remember, it's yours. its not wrong. of course you're going to want to keep your baby.its a part of you. The father might dome around. Just give it time.Even though hes saying he doesnt want to be involved let him know that the choice is always there.I hope you decide to keep the baby. You and your mom will do a great job raising that baby.Dont let anyone try to make you feel bad for keeping your baby.I really hope i helped.i apologize if i didnt.whatever you feel is right.your instincts usually are. especially when it comes to children,in my opinion.just go with what you feel.

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2006-04-08 03:12:58
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Q: Should a 16-year-old keep her baby if she knows she can take care of it and she has her mother's support but the father doesn't want to be involved?
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