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Smith & Wesson did not make the Double-Nine. High Standard did, and it was available with two cylinders. One was a .22LR cylinder the other was chambered in .22 Magnum.


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Caliber should be on the barrel. SN's were not required until 1968

If it came from the factory with both cylinders, you shoot the ammo the cylinder was designed for.

Generally speaking, no, and, you should never try to fire any ammo from a gun other than what it is designed to fire. You may be able to get it to fire, but you could damage the gun or hurt yourself.

Depends on the revolver. Just flipped through one of my references, and it lists 13 different .32 revolver cartridges- not counting the obsolete .32 rimfires. While the most common is probably the .32 S&W, you are not holding your revolver close enough to the computer for me to identify the caliber. Have a gunsmith take a look at it- most of those 13 I mentioned do NOT interchange.

1. You will have to call S&W for a correct answer 2. Plus P means higher than normal pressure ammunition. "Other than 38 plus P" could mean another caliber, or normal pressure ammunition. The caliber should always match the revolver you are shooting. Normal pressure ammunition of the proper caliber can always be used in a firearm, unless the firearm is a machine gun which requires higher pressure ammunition to operate consistently.

I just paid $89 for one at a dealer. It has a six inch barrel, 8 shot, in fair condition, with scratches in bluing. But hey, it should work for a plinker!

use 32-20 ammo The caliber of the ammo is 32-20. It is not common although it is still available.

It should be marked as to caliber on the barrel.

No way we can answer your question without having examined the revolver. Gerstenberger and Eberwein produced an inexpensive line of small caliber handguns and blank guns. Importation to the US stopped with the 1968 Gun Control Act. These are not noted as being extremely high quality firearms. Yours should be examined by a competent gunsmith before firing.

Should be marked on the barrel. It is impossible to tell caliber from the information you provided.

It appears that this is a Colt New Model Pocket Pistol Of Navy Caliber. The engraving on the cylinder should say Stagecoach Holdup.

Shotguns are refered to by "gauge" not "caliber". It should be marked on the barrel.

the correct tire psi is 32 for the caliber 2008

Impossible to know the caliber with only a serial number. It should be marked on the barrel.

There are several .32 calibre and 8mm pistol cartridges for pistols. Some of the 8mm cartridges are sold as .32 calibre cartridges in markets where the English system is in use. Cartridges include:8mm Nambu8mm Roth-Steyr.32 S&W Long.320 Revolver.327 Federal Magnum7.5mm Swiss Army Revolver8x27R French Revolver7.5mm Swedish NagantThese cartridges are NOT interchangeable with each other, at all, and it should not be attempted. If you remain uncertain about which cartridge is to be used with your revolver, I would strongly recommend you take it to a competent gunsmith, and have them determine this for you.

we can't tell from the serial number- company is closed, records gone. These were made by the Iver Johnson Company as a line of "second quality" guns from ABOUT 1910-1930. Rarely in .22 LR, mst often in .32 S&W or .38 S&W (NOT .38 Special- .38 S&W) Caliber should be marked on the gunj, if not, very easy for a gunsmith to determine.

It should be marked on the barrel.

It should be marked on the weapon.

Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge. Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge.

I have never seen nor heard of a revolver airsoft pistol with non reusable shells. You should have no problems reusing them.

The mark on the camshaft should be aligned with the mark on the crankshaft.

The caliber should be marked on the barrel near the receiver. The Model 39 is a 22LR

It is impossible to answer your question. You should understand that a serial number is NOT unique to only one gun in the world- if it were, it would be a number that ran into the trillions. A serial number-BY ITSELF- rarely communicates any information on the gun it is on. Sorry.

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