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No! Why would she want to? Speak to a professional hairdresser. It will ruin her hair or anyone else's hair if they get it permed. It looks horrible anyway.

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โˆ™ 2016-06-30 03:47:43
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Q: Should a 7-year-old girl get a perm?
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Should a 11-year-old girl get a perm?

Sure, why not? She'll look cute.

How long do you have to wait to perm your hair after you scratched your scalp?

It depends on the perm you use a no-lye perm you should wait 24 hours a lye perm you can go as you wish.

Should you brush your hair before a perm?

Yes, you should put your hair in good condition before you perm it.

How long do you wait to get a perm after getting a color?

u should never get a perm after color u should get perm then color if u don't it could permanently damage your hair

Should you perm your hair with a cold?

Yes but- no it depends at what time you get the Perm .If you have a cold and you want to get a perm you have to get between 7 am - 8 pm ___Mirtel J.D

How can a black girl get straight hair like a white girl?

Relaxer, Perm or flat iron

What Russian cities is the largest Perm Saratov Astrakhan or Voronezh?

What every black girl needs.....

Should you wash your hair be for getting a perm?


What kind of hairdo should an 11 year old girl with brown hair get?

I would say a perm if you have thin hair. but if you have thick hair, straighten it.

Should you perm your hair while using this?

yes i would like to know while im using ketoconazole 2% shampoo should i perm my jair

When do you take a shower after getting a perm?

three days later. ex: you get a perm on a Monday, then you should shower on a Thursday morning.

Is bad to get a perm on white girl hair?

No it just makes your hair curly.

Should you highlight or get a perm first?

it is not a good idea to highlight and perm your hair..the two chemicals are really harsh when put together..if you have to do it..then i would make sure to use the color treated perm.

What should you do if you want your hair curly?

You should buy perm from the beauty store.

Should you color or perm your hair fir st?

perm your hair first, because if you color first the steam from perming will bleach it out.

Should someone get a perm and wait a few days to color hair?

No it will burn and damage your hair. If you do want a perm just perm it make sure you have no color in it, make sure it's your natural color or else it will burn the hair and cause damage. If you want to color do not perm either it's so bad for your hair if you should do both...

How long should you wait to perm your hair after coloring your hair?

You can do it the same day. But you do it after the perm and don't do a permanant! Only a semi or the permanant will ruin the semi, or if you colour before, the perm will strip the colour,.so ask ur hairdresser to do a semi! They should automaticly if not there no good!

Can you perm you hair with a sewn in weave?

Girl u are crazy. Perming hair wit your weave still in is crazy. U should actually go natural no more perm if you want long healthy hair. Get your hair cornrowed and wear a half wig or protective style your.

How do you remove a perm from your hair?

You should use a straightening iron.

Should someone get a spiral perm?

It's your hair, do what you like with it.

Should you have your hair rolled and set before you get a perm?


How long should you wait to dye hair after a perm?

You should wait two weeks to color your hair after a perm to avoid hair loss. You dye Easter eggs. You color your hair.

Can a neutralizer for a perm remove a perm?

If you leave the neutraliser on to long it can damage the perm and it will fall out. You should always get a lotion that is suited to your hair type and only leave it on as long as the manufacturer's instructions tell you to do. Make sure to rinse it out very well afterwards as this can also affect your perm.

Can you get a perm on a rainy day?

It is not necessarily recommended to get a perm on a rainy day due to the higher level of moisture and humidity that could ruin the newly-done perm. However, rain should not nonetheless stop you from a perm, but only if you be careful and try your best to remain inside and away from the water.

What age should you perm your child's hair?

any age should be fine .... ecxept for like todlers and stuff they say the perfect age to give a child a perm is at 8 yrs. old