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When the doctor freezes the spot, it is acutally burned. So yes it will blister just like a heat burn.?


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Clean it with anticeptic lik bactine. Cover with a band-aid.

You will find after a wart being frozen, a blister begins to form in about 3 to 6 hours. Within 2 to 3 days the blister will flatten out. Later, in about 2 to 4 weeks the dead skin of the blister will proceed to fall off.

Food which has been cooked can be frozen, even if it was frozen prior to cooking. BUT Frozen food which has been thawed, but not cooked, should never be re-frozen. Nor should food which was cooked, frozen and thawed.

no it cannot whoever told you that was just trying to trick you there is nothing wrong with frozen bottled water

No. Onion soup doesn't have to be frozen, but it can be.

You should measure it frozen :)

Frozen foods should be stored at 0 degrees. That is the temperature that your freezer should be kept at.

James Bedford was the first man to be cryogenically frozen. He died of natural causes related to kidney cancer on January 12, 1967 and was frozen several hours later.

Ideally, frozen food should be stored at 0°F or below.

No, Walt Disney died from lung cancer.

The idea behind prostate cancer cryo treatment is to freeze the cancer cells and kills the cancerous tumor. When your procedure begins, you will be under local or general anesthesia. About six cyroprobes are inserted near the area and liquid argon is passed through the probes. This freezes the area where the cancer is located and the cancer is frozen, causing it to die.

Probably not until it thaws, but why was it frozen?

Coffee should be frozen because technology today has made frozen coffee and people enjoy it. And if you don't like frozen coffee, pop it in the microwave and there you go, a cup of hot, steamy coffee.

If they were frozen before the expiration date you should be alright. Processed meats should be frozen for no longer than 6 months.

Frozen food should be stored at 0°F (-18°C) or below.

Frozen food should be thawed under refrigeration or below 40°F.

Once you thaw frozen foods they should never be refrozen, they should be cooked and eaten.

Microbiologically, it should be OK as long as it was safe when frozen and has been kept properly frozen. It might not taste very good, but it should be safe.

This can be frozen for up to a year or more. If it is frozen properly. It should be put in an airtight container, freezer bags or paper.

No, when frozen fish has completely thawed once it should be cooked straight away.After it has been cooked it can be refrozen again as a cooked meal, but should again only be frozen and thawed once. See the link below for more information about defrosting frozen fish

You should eat the frozen yogurt slowly.

they dont have to be cooked first they can still be frozen then cook or visa virsa

Frozen food keeps best if maintained at or below 0°F.

Yes melon can be frozen, however it should be used within one month if frozen.

frozen food the safest way out of freezer into the fridge the night before

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