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If a child has a diagnosis and an IEP in place (this answer pertains to U.S. law only) the IDEA law explicitly forbids the district from taking administrative action, when the behavior is a symptom of the child's diagnosis. If this is happening or policy is in question a parent can assert a child's Stay Put Right, which would mean the school is legally obligated to have the child remain in the class room until a mediator determines the appropriate course of action. (disclaimer: I do not practice law and this should not be taken as legal advice.)

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Do some people try to attack people with autism?

There are cases that many autistic individuals have been bullied and teased. And have been judged by teachers, pyschatrist. Many autistic people have been judged in public for their behavior. People with autism have experienced abuse from parents and have been murdered by the parents. Autistic children have experience verbal abuse from bullies, teachers, social workers and other people. Many autistic people when they have meltdowns in public have experienced being mistreated by police officers. Just because people have autism it's not something anyone should mistreat and judge because of different behaviors.

Does autism cause stress?

For some people yes. Because of the behavior like stimming and meltdowns even in public places. And people often wonder "when is my kid going to become normal?" Parents have always been stressed out having an autistic child.

How do you get around Houston if your license is suspended?

public transportation and taxis

How can Habeas corpus be suspended?

There are only two instance in which Habeas corpus can be suspended. These are in cases of rebellion or when public safety is at stake.

How might American citzens respond if the bill of rights were suspended?

The American public did nothing .... the Patriot Act suspended the Bill of Rights

What type of autism does Bill Gates have?

Autism is autism - there are not different types of autism.Bill Gates has not come out as being Autistic - we don't know if that means that he's not Autistic, but without knowing we can't say if he is or not. Given his characteristics it is highly likely that he is Autistic but we can't say for sure unless he has had a diagnosis and made it public.

Which criminal behavior patterns pose the greatest threat to the public?

The criminal behavior pattern that poses the greatest risk to the public is violence. These types of behaviors cause injury or death to the public.

Is it legal to drive farm equipment on public roads in Iowa with a suspended license?

No.. you're prohibited from operating any motor vehicle on a public roadway with a suspended license, unless you're able to get a waiver granted for it.

What is unethical behavior in the public sector?


What famous women had autism?

There are likely been many famous women who have autism, most of whom may not have been public about their autism or may not have been aware they were autistic. Three of the most famous autistic women include Temple Grandin, Courtney Love, and Daryl Hannah.

Why was Louis Tomlinson suspended from school?

He mooned the school during a public performance

Can a person with autism kid go to a public school?

I'm not sure what you're asking here, a person with an autistic child can go to public school.A person who is autistic can go to public school.

When can the right of habeas corpus be suspended?

The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.

What are the rules of the road for Iowa on suspended license in another state?

The rule is that you cannot drive a vehcile on a public highway anywhere if your license is suspended by any state.

What british celebraties have autism?

British celebrities who are Autistic (not 'have autism') include Susan Boyle, there are other famous people with Autism in the UK but not who I'd consider 'celebrities'. Very few Autistic people are 'out' in the public eye, it will be some time before more people feel safe to admit they're Autistic.

If my license is suspended can i still get my id?

I don't see why not. A suspended licence simply prevents you from (legally) driving on public roads. It still shows who the legitimate licence-holder is.

Does Bill Gates have autism?

Very unlikely. He may be on the Asperger's end of the Autism-Asperger's axis.AnswerHm. I think he might be, he displays many of the symptoms and a friend of mine who went to nursing school said that they learned about him and that they were taught that he was autistic, he even rocks while he works. AnswerHe defintley has Aspergers a special form of autism. He will any under circumstances admit it to the public though, before evey public meeting or press conference he rehearses it and so yes the billionare from Microsoft has a disabilty. AnswerHe may or may not have autism or Asperger's Syndrome. People speculate about it, but there is no evidence that he has ever been officially diagnosed with autism or Asperger's Syndrome. Yes, he does.

Do Mindless Behavior have a kik?

Some members of Mindless Behavior may have a KIK account, but they don't share it with the public.

Do Mindless Behavior have a kik-?

The members of Mindless Behavior may have a KIK account, but they don't share the details with the public.

During the Civil War this president suspended some of the basic rights of citizens in the name of keeping public order?

Abraham Lincoln, who suspended the right of habeas corpus among others.

How do you open a behavior management program in Chicago IL?

Contact the Chicago Department of Public Health about behavior management programs.

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In commercial and public buildings they serve to conceal all the mechanical and electrical fittings.

Can you operate a scooter under 50cc's on the road in Pennsylvania with a suspended drivers license?

No, not on any public roads.

Would it be possible for a person who has autism say mild autism to become a professional entertainer like would they be able to learn lyrics to songs etc and cover there condition up from the public?

Yes. Definitely. But why hide the condition? It's nothing to be ashamed of.