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Should a computer be shut down when not in use?

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March 24, 2013 6:38AM

Most computers have a sleep mode, the computer can be set to sleep after a certain amount of time with no use. However, energy is still being used so you will paying for electricity when it's in sleep mode.

If your computer has been on a long time, EG many hours or days, programs may start to run slowly, become erratic or eventually crash but by shutting down or restarting your PC regularly when it's not in use will enable the computer to operate more efficiently. Programs generally run faster and crashes and freezes can be reduced or eliminated by shutting down or restarting the computer when needed or on a regular basis. But these are not the only benefits.

The components inside a PC have a finite lifespan which means they can and do wear out after a certain amount of use EG hard drives are often measured in thousands of hours of use before they are expected to fail, so it can seriously extend the life of your PC if you shut down your computer when it's not in use.

For these reasons it is highly recommended that you shut down your PC properly when not in use.