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It seems to me someone that cares about her doesn't think she ready for that type of responsiblity yet. But to me I think she has a say so if she want to keep her on child or not. Besides its hard to give up a baby that has been growing inside for nine months.

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Q: Should a girl have to give her child up for adoption if she is old enough to take care of it?
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Is adoption free when a child is in foster care?

No, it doesn't matter if they are in foster care.

Should people give their children up for adoption?

If the parents are unable to care for the child accurately, adoption is a great alternative. Adoption allows the mother to carry out her pregnancy and also provides an opportunity for another family to receive a child of their dreams.

If the child not his and he been taking care of the child from birth should he paid child support the baby was adopted?

The agency which dealt with the adoption should have sorted that. It will depend partly on the law in the country where you are.

Could there have been an alternative to adoption?

Keeping the child or foster care.

Why do parents put their children up for adoption?

Their parents can't take care of them. Either they are too young or maybe don't have enough money to support a child.

Why are pregnant teens kicked out of school?

actually they are not kicked out they drop out to take care of the child or they give their child up for adoption.

What is adoption?

An adoption of a child is when two parents who cannot have children on their own or have some other reason not to have biological children contact either and adoption agency or an orphanage to bring into their home a child whose parents could not take care of him/her. This is the simple answer.

How do you get custody of a child that is not yours?

its called adoption. You do not have to adopt to get full custody of a child. You can request that the court place the children in your care without adopting.

Do receive a check for adopting a child?

No. But some costs of adoption may be deductible from taxable income. Answer: If you adopt a special needs child from foster care you may be entitled to adoption subsidies. These can include medicaid and money to help with the child's special needs.

Why is gay adoption not child abuse?

Child abuse only exists when a child is being harmed. As long as the gay couple who wishes to adopt treats their child with love and care and respect, that child is not being abused.

What conditions might cause a child to be placed in foster care?

If the child is being abused or parents die for example. Also if a child is being put up for adoption they can stay in foster care until they have found parents.

What Indiana adoption Agency do you use for an older child?

Since you're talking about adopting an older child, I'm assuming that you're talking about adopting through the state (rather than private or foreign adoption) I can't speak for Indiana specifically (my experience is in Florida) but in general the adoption agencies are area specific... meaning that the answer probably depends on where you live in Indiana. The agencies that handle this also are responsible for foster care. You can find the Indiana foster care & adoption association at / and if you look under adoption > adoption support networks you'll find a page that has the Local Adoptive Parent Support Networks, which should be able to answer your questions.

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