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No it does not have to. Your period will come approximately every 28 days and it doesn't always have to fall on the exact same day every month.

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Q: Should a period come on the same day every month?
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How often does your period come?

every month

Is it normal to not have a regular period?

When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month. When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month.

Why women have period every month?

Women have period every month if the are not pregnant. Since the "blood" from the period is used to be the nutrients for the embryo, so if a woman is not pregnant, those "blood" which should be used as nutrients will come out from her body as period because it's not used.

When do dogs come on their period?

Every six months for one month

What could cause period to come a week later every month then last month?

Your period will vary naturally, but if you missed a period entirely you should go see a doctor ASAP to see if you're pregnant.

Why is your periods coming for a month?

The reason your period happens every month is because, an egg drops down to your uterus every month, and if you dont use this egg it will come down to your vagina and somehow its your period....

Does a DOG's period come every month?

no dogs are seasonal breeders & come in heat in autumn & spring

What does it mean when you don't have a period?

it means that your period may be irregular if it doesn't come every month or that you may be pregnant.

Is a female supposed to come on her period every month?

Yes a normal cycles are every 28 days and can go as far as every 35 days. You are suppose to have a period every month. Not all women do and that's ok too sometimes you might miss a month and that's where the 35 days come into effect if it's more than that then you should ask your Dr to find out more about what's going on with your body.

When should you take a pregnancy test if your not sure when your period was suppossed to start?

your period should come a month after your last one did.

Can a girl have heavey vaginal discharge instead of a period every month?

No it does come before and after though

You had a miscarriage a month ago and still no period how come?

It should come back within 2 months from the miscarriage.

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