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Should a root canal be performed on an 8yr old child's primary molar?

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Sounds like a scam job to me. You better seek out an alternate DDS practioner. It shouldn't be too much longer, and he should lose that tooth, by nature. The secondary, or permanent tooth is actually an extension of the primary, just below it underneath the gumline. There is a chance that by an accident, the tooth may have become impacted, and then, yes, it might be good to have a root canal, if the surrounding tissue, and nerves are damaged.

AnswerThe answer above was written by someone uneduacted. Root canal therapy on primary (baby) teeth is necessary in some cases. A primary molar will not usually be shed until 11-13 years old. That primary tooth needs to hold the space for the secondary tooth erupting in about 4 years. Electing to extract has the potential for serious (and expensive) problems on down the road. Electing to do nothing is even worse.

-Yes, please if you have not had an educational background in dentistry please refrain from giving dental advise. See a pediatric dentist.

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Can you get dry socket from a root canal?

No. By definition, a 'dry socket' is a painful condition that occurs following a tooth extraction, not a root canal. That is not to say that you cannot have pain following a root canal. You can, particularly if the tooth was acutely infected at the time of the root canal, or if the root canal is incomplete. You should consult with the dentist who performed the procedure and follow his/her recommendations.

Should a root canal be performed if infected?

Yes! In fact, half of the time, its the root canal which clears away the infection as your dentist would usually file away the "bad" part of the tooth anyway.

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Should a 5 year old kid have a root canal?

It can only be recommended by dentist. I would suggest please go to doctor and complete check up of the child as usually root canal is performed on adults.

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Should your gums and tooth still hurt 3 weeks after a root canal?

No. There something else going on. It may still be infected or possibly the occlusion needs to be adjusted. Return to the dentist who performed the root canal and let them diagnose the problem.

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What is the preparation of a root canal?

the dentist may prescribe an antibiotic, then the patient should take the full prescribed course. With the infection under control, local anesthetic is more effective, so that the root canal procedure may be performed without discomfort.

Does root canal painful?

No, its not painful. Root canal will be performed only after proper anesthesia is administered.However one might experience tickling sensation.

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Have had second root canal on same molar Infection keeps coming back Am on antibiotics They work for awhile and the pain illness returns Should you have it pulled or keep trying to kill the infec?

When you have a root canal generally it is performed during 2 to 3 visits. Do you mean second visit to root canal? If you are being told this is a second root canal on the same tooth, find another dentist and stay on the antibiotics. Minimally get another opinion before making a decision. Get x-rayed, and checked again, you should not have pain or swelling after the root canal. Possible underlying other causes.

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How many root canals are performed annually?

Root canal treatment has become a common dental procedure. According to the American Association of Endodontists, more than 14 million root canal treatments are performed every year, with a 95% success rate.

What protects a root canal?

Once root canal treatment is performed, the patient must have a crown placed over the tooth to protect it. The cost of the treatment and the crown may be expensive.

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Can you smoke weed after a root canal?

You can but shouldn't. You should wait for a while until the body has time to adjust to the canal so that it does not get infected

Dog chipped tooth should you do a root canal or extract it?

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