Should a woman divorce her compulsive lying husband after 30 years?

If you've put up with it for 30 years there has got to be some other good qualities to this "good old boy!" You have to decide if you are angry over a culmination of problems in your marriage and you've finally boiled over, or, you're having a weak moment. Most men (and women) can lie about small things. For example: I asked my husband to tell his friend to call me with information I asked for. When my husband got home I asked him if he told this guy and my husband said he had. Well, my husband lied! I didn't get too upset because I know he didn't do it intentionally, but men will lie over the smaller things in life rather than deal with confrontation. If your husband lies about important things or is cheating, then yes, by all means ... get rid of the old goat! Good luck Marcy