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Should all products made with hemp be illegal?



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No way. America is already on the verge or trying to create new technology so cars do not have to run on petrol, especially now that gas prices are so high. Well why not look at some research made by Ford himself when one of his first models of a certain car was designed to run of gas derived from the hemp plant... and panels of this car were also made from hemp which proved to have ten times greater impact strength than STEEL ITSELF!! == No. All hemp products should not be made illegal because to do this we would need to stop using rope and a lot of thread, the non-synthetic kind, made from hemp. This would in turn save the petroleum used to make synthetic rope, etc.

Hemp and marijuana are slightly different in the most important way. Hemp has less than 1% THC, you need at least 3% to get high. Also, Industrial Hemp is cultivated to promote the stems, not the leaves.

Hemp products include: Oil (edible but can also be used for lamp lighting, printing and lubrication) Snack bars, Cookies, Burgers, Porridge, Sauces, Butter, Condiments, Pesto, Hemp milk, Cheese, Ice cream, Flour, Breads, Pastas, Household Detergents, Stain Removers, Varnishes, Resins, Paints, Twine, Cordage, Textiles, Paper, Webbing, Household Goods, Non-woven Matting, Caulking, Auto Bodies, Building Materials, Packaging, Plastic Composites for making Skate Boards and Auto Bodies, Charcoal-like substance, Biomass, Methanol, Ethanol, Hemp Gasoline, Diesel, Medicine, Lip Balm, Moisturizers, Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps, Salves, Perfumes, Liniments.

Very few if any of these products contain enough THC to get you high. The use of hemp to make a wide variety of very useful products dates back thousands of years. The trade in these products should be continued today because the things made from hemp are absolutely wonderful and utile. Additionally, hemp products are a renewable resource. It's a no-brainer. Use the links below for more information.