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No way. America is already on the verge or trying to create new technology so cars do not have to run on petrol, especially now that gas prices are so high. Well why not look at some research made by Ford himself when one of his first models of a certain car was designed to run of gas derived from the hemp plant... and panels of this car were also made from hemp which proved to have ten times greater impact strength than STEEL ITSELF!! == No. All hemp products should not be made illegal because to do this we would need to stop using rope and a lot of thread, the non-synthetic kind, made from hemp. This would in turn save the petroleum used to make synthetic rope, etc.

Hemp and marijuana are slightly different in the most important way. Hemp has less than 1% THC, you need at least 3% to get high. Also, Industrial Hemp is cultivated to promote the stems, not the leaves.

Hemp products include: Oil (edible but can also be used for lamp lighting, printing and lubrication) Snack bars, Cookies, Burgers, Porridge, Sauces, Butter, Condiments, Pesto, Hemp milk, Cheese, Ice cream, Flour, Breads, Pastas, Household Detergents, Stain Removers, Varnishes, Resins, Paints, Twine, Cordage, Textiles, Paper, Webbing, Household Goods, Non-woven Matting, Caulking, Auto Bodies, Building Materials, Packaging, Plastic Composites for making Skate Boards and Auto Bodies, Charcoal-like substance, Biomass, Methanol, Ethanol, Hemp Gasoline, Diesel, Medicine, Lip Balm, Moisturizers, Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps, Salves, Perfumes, Liniments.

Very few if any of these products contain enough THC to get you high. The use of hemp to make a wide variety of very useful products dates back thousands of years. The trade in these products should be continued today because the things made from hemp are absolutely wonderful and utile. Additionally, hemp products are a renewable resource. It's a no-brainer. Use the links below for more information.

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How do you make a hemp bracelet?

You can go to a store that sells hemp products (also online) and there should already be pre-made hemp string. You can use the string for making lots of jewlery.

How many hemp products can be made?

How many products are there in the world? Anything made from wood pulp can be made from hemp, e.g. paper, fibreboard. Anything made from petrochemical plastic can be made from hemp; how many plastic things are you looking at right now? Anything made from fabric can be made from hemp. Anything made from soy beans can be made from hemp. The only limit on us discovering more things that can be done with hemp are the limitations on growing it! And this is without touching on the medicinal applications.

When was nylon patented?

1937, same year hemp was essentially made illegal (controversy)

What were some products made in Maryland when it was a colony?

Tobacco, Indigo, Hemp, Rice, Lumber,

What clothes are made out of hemp?

There are very few designers and manufacturers of hemp clothing in the US. However, there is one website I found which offers a platform to designers and manufacturers to display their products to consumers.

Why can you wear a shirt made out of hemp but not possess hemp in SC?

It all depends on the type of hemp.

Where does hemp fabric come from?

Hemp fabric is made from fibers from the hemp plant. Hemp is a high growing variety of the Cannabis plant.

Is hemp man made?

Hemp is not man-made. Hemp is a naturally grown plant, that requires sunlight and water just like every other plant. However, we can make many man-made things from hemp.

Should illegal drugs be made?

No. Nobody should be making illegal drugs at all. Illegal drugs are made to destroy humans inside their body and that is very dangerous. Illegal drugs should not be made at all, they should be thrown away or be destroyed.

What products does Hempz sell?

Hempz sells hair care, body and skin care, and sun care products made with hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamins and is a great source of essential fatty acid. It contains no THC.

What became illegal in 1913?

In California in 1913, lawmakers made it illegal to grow hemp, or marijuana. Other states soon followed and by 1930, 16 states had banned the use of the drug.

What was marijuana used for before it was made illegal?

Alot to many to list a few thousand or so. The first Constitution was written on hemp paper.

What type of crop is hemp?

Hemp is made of a type of Cannabis Sativa, aka the marijuana plant. Most Hemp is made from a type of this plant that is not drug related.

Is there a way to make paper products without using wood?

Paper can and is made from grass, straws, cotton, bagasse, hemp etc.

What is hemp used to make?

hemp firbes are made to make rough cloth

Can hemp paper be recycled?

Yes, paper can be made of many different fibers, wood, cotton, hemp, cloth, and recycled paper. So paper made from hemp can be recycled.

What is the meaning of hemp?

Hemp is the burnt leftovers of a weed plant and made into a special material

When did marijuana get legal?

Marijuana was made illegal by the federal government in the 1960's due to the fact that hemp would take the place of trees and cotton in many products and marijuana would take the place of man made pharmaceutical drugs which means they would get less money. it's still federally illegal and only Colorado, New Hampshire and parts of California allow it for now.

Is English money made of hemp?


What brands are made with hemp oil or hemp seeds?

What kind of items do you mean? I know that my cat's collar is made of hemp and I bought it from a company that sells hemp dog and cat toys, collars, and leashes? You can check it out if you want Good luck

Should Cigarettes be made illegal?


What can be made from plants?

Seeds. Obviously food. Additionally, many other consumable products, such as fabric, (cotton, hemp), ethanol, oils and pharmaceuticals for example.

Where can you find hemp aprons?

FYI - found Organic hemp aprons here here:

Is the Triple Leather Cord Hemp Striped Bracelet made from real or immitation leather?

It is real leather and hemp.

Is THC naturally in a marijuana plant?

To answer your question simply, yes. That is not to say, however, that all marijuana plants contain enough THC for a user to feel its psychoactive effects. Hemp, for instance, is made from the same plant. However, hemp is made from cannabis plants that have virtually no THC in them and is still illegal to grow in the United States.

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