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Running away from home is not a good idea altogether, but I might recommend it if you are being physically harmed. But do not live on the streets, that is a plan for disaster. You should go to a safe place. (probably a firestation or a city bus, look for the sign) They provide short term care for crisis situations. It is imperative that you talk to a trusted adult that can help, like a school councilor I don't know what's going on at home, but unless it involves felonious behavior of the parents against children you're making a big mistake to even consider running away. Even then, you'd be better off going to the authorities. Running away will cause problems for the rest of your life, which statistically is not very long for run-away's. Don't do it. It's a really bad idea. RUNAWAY CHILDREN usually end up in a WORSE ABUSIVE situation. You NEED to talk to an adult that you TRUST. They can help you report the abuse to the proper State Agency that is in charge of helping abused kids. The state should open an investigation, and possibly help you get removed from the abusive home. DON'T run away. That would be the worse thing to do. I hope that you get the help that you need. If a child believes themselves to be in an abusive or neglectful environment they should contact the state child protective or family services for assistance. The following toll free number will allow the minor child to speak with a trained counselor or can provide the needed assistance. National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453. Domestic violence against children and adults has reached an all time high in American society. Anyone regardless of their age who believes themselves to be in imminent danger should contact the local police department or "911" for immediate assistance. Hi. I ran away as a teenager alot and it is NOT fun. It makes life much worse. You will not be able to change your life when you are on the street or staying wherever. I suggest you go to your school counsellor and tell them everything, be very clear and honest with them. I also think you should call the Police and report this. You do not have to put up with being abused. But dont run away.

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Q: Should an abused child run away from home?
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Will grandparent be harboring a runaway if Abused minor child ran away to grandparents home?

No, but if an abused child decides to go to any home they wont be in much trouble by the authorities; depending on the abuse the parents can be charged, imprisoned, etc. Chances are the child in concern will be moved to a foster home till they turn 18.

What do you do if youre abused at home and nobody will listen?

First contact the police. From there, you should contact your state's department of child and family services if you are a child or if there is a child being abused in the home. If you are an adult and there are no children in the home, you can start with a local domestic violence project if you need help getting out. Or you can just leave.

If a child runs away from home does the state place them in foster care or do they return them to the home when they find them?

Normally when a child runs away, there is an investigation that determines what should be done with the child.

How old do you have to be as a child being abused?

A child being abused can be any age from newborn and up until you become an adult not living in someone else's home.

What if you are being sexually abused and you are 11?

If you are abused at the age of 11 it is very important to tell your parents. When you get abused you should get medical help and make shore you didn't get pregnant ( if you are a girl ). Also when you are alone in the streets make sure that you be back home early if you don't want that to happens again. One fact that i learned is that when child is abused yourself as a child might become a child abuser when you get older.

What should you do if you see that a child is being abused?

Call the CPS. They have case workers who will go into the home to determine if the child really is being abused.Answer:In The USA call Child Help USA: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

A guy went to jail for drugs can he get custody of the kid if the mother is working and providing a stable home?

This would be very unlikely. If the mother is providing for the child and the child is not being abused why would the child be taken away from the mother. Why would the child be taken away from where it is being cared for properly and give to someone who has had problems with the law?

What do you do when a teen that is not your's won't go home because of abuse?

Why the hell would you want them to go home? If they are seriously being abused then get them away from their home! It doesn't matter, get the child out & take him/her to the police, foster homes, anywhere but the house!

What did dill claim was the reason he ran away from home?

he was sexually abused by his mom :O

Can you leave your home against your parents will if you are being sexually abused at 17?

Contact the Child Protective Service or the Police and they will help you with a place to stay. Just running away or moving out without parental permission or emancipation is not allowed. You don't have to stay and be abused in any way.

What should you do if an 8 year old runs away from home?

Dial 911 and report a missing child.

What should you do if your girlfriend is getting abused at home?

Tell police or a school counsellor

How do you run away from home at the age of 11?

You don't. It is dangerous and unnecessary. If you are being abused notify the authorities.

Is running away from home a crime in the state of Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, it is not illegal for a child to run away from home. Many parents in the state worry about their child because there are no laws in place to keep them at home.

How old should a child be before spending a week away from home?

My son is five and a half, and we recently spent a month away from home. He seemed to enjoy the entire trip, and would like to do it again. He spent a week away from home several times before this, since the age of two. Every child is different, so it depends.

Is it illegal for a child to run away from home?


At What Age Can a Child Leave Home in Texas?

Can you make a 16 year old child come home if they run away?

What do you do if you have a friend who is abused at home?

Tell an adult, maybe a teacher or your parents, and ask them what you should do about it.

How can the environment you are raised in affect your personality?

If you were raised in a home where you didn't have a father, there is a good chance that if you are a guy, you could either do what your father did and leave, or change and stay with your family. If you were abused as a child, you could abuse your children or shun away from them.

If you were abused in an old home and sent away with another legal parent can you still get emancipated from the parent you live with now?

You can

Why should homeschool not be allowed?

There is no reason that homeschooling as a whole should not be allowed. There are always individual cases of homeschooling that should be discontinued, such as the parent not actually educating or socializing the child, or if the child is being abused or neglected. Although, abuse and neglect can occur in any home rather a child attends public, private, or homeschool. In any case, the abuse should be investigated. Homeschooling done correctly in a healthy environment can be quite beneficial to the child.

What should you do if your child is still breast fed?

You need a longer question. Use more words. How old is child? Do you want to wean him away from brest feeding? Are you going away from home & want to know what to do? Ask us.

Where is the best State to go after running away?

The one you live in - go home! It doesn't matter where you go, the police will still be looking for you and the people helping you will still risk being charged for helping a runaway. You are not gaining anything on running away. If you are being abused at home you can call the Child Protective service and they can help you.

How long will you go to jail for if you are housing a run away?

Housing a runaway is considered kidnapping or child custody interference in most states. However if you follow the proper procedure when a child runs away from home and comes to your door for help, you won't be charged with anything. When a child runs from home and comes to your door for help call the police immediately. If you suspect that the child has been abused or neglected you have the right to hold the child against his parents' will until police arrive. You can feed the Chile and keep him/her entertained until they arrive. They will then take the child and handle the case from there.

I have been told by a teenager that she is being physically and verbally abused at home and she comes here and doesn't want to go home?

Report it to the police or child welfare. You have a legal obligation to do so, as well as an obligation to the child.

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