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Should an air conditioner fan be set to auto or on?

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This function controls the fan in the air handler which circulates the air throughout the house. It is available whether the AC or heat is being used and has no affect on those functions. When in the on position air is constantly being circulated. When set to "Auto" the fan is only engaged when the heat or AC is triggered by the thermostat. Many air handlers are in the attic where it is more humid and during the summer it is very hot. The intake vent is often found in the ceiling of the highest level where hot air rises when the AC and fan are not in use. in units where the air handler is in a closet, most all of the home's duct work is located in the attic. When the fan is set to "On" and the AC is not in use, hot air and humidity is being circulated back into the house from the attic. On temperate days when neither the AC nor heat is needed the On position can be used to help freshen the air to some degree. If you do not have good insulation installed in your attic and the air is fairly warm on sunny winter days, the On position can take some of the load off of the heater.

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Does Air Conditioner outside unit fan turn off auto?


Why is my house air conditioner running but no air is coming out of vents?

Check your furnace fan. The air conditioner unit can be running but the air circulation is usually done with the fan on the furnace. If you have a fan switch on the thermostat, check to see if it is in the auto position. If it has the settings on/auto/off, you can switch it to the on position and see if you get any air movement then. If not, you could have a broken belt.

What direction should i turn on a fan with air conditioner on?

counter clockwise

Which cools the air faster a ceiling fan or a air conditioner?

Air conditioner. A fan doesn't actually cool the air - it simply circulates it.

If you have a central air conditioner should the circulation fan run only when the compressor kicks on or is it better to always leave it on?

If you want constant air movement in you home leave the fan on. If you just want the fan to cycle on with the compressor, move the switch to auto. It does not harm the fan either way.

Can a dehumidifier and a fan replace an air-conditioner?

Both a dehumidifier and an air conditioner remove moisture from the air. Both a fan and an air conditioner move air. An air conditioner, however, cools air which a combination dehumidifier and fan can not do. If it is hot, and especially if there is an elderly person liable to suffer from heat stroke or heat exhaustion, an attempt to replace air conditioning with a dehumidifier and a fan could lead to death.

Turn air conditioner on it over heats kia sportage 2000?

the electric fan is not coming on, either sensor or fan unit,suspect fan unit. Rock auto has them for about $59.00

Why is an air conditioner more effective than a fan?

Because a fan only stirs up the hot air while an air conditioner removes humidity as well as cools the air.

Does air conditioner take a lot of power from battery?

With an auto air conditioner, the main power consumption is by the compressor. The compressor is driven mechanically by the engine, not the battery. Electrical power is used for controls, and to power the blower fan.

Will running an air conditioner on fan only cost as much as running on cool?

No. Running an air conditioner on fan does not cost as much as running on cool.

How can I make my air conditioner more energy efficient?

I suggest that you put your air conditioner on low or use the fan on the air conditioner because it uses less energy. Another thing you could do is take a regular fan and put in the window to get air flow.

You have no windows in your apartment can you have a air conditioner in your aprtment with no windows?

If you don't have central air conditioning, you can purchase a portable air conditioner (not a fan) to do the job.

No power to air conditioner pump?

no power to air conditioner pump but snow flak light comes on and fan runs

How often should fan go on in home air conditioner?

As often as its needed to get the room set to your set tempature.

Should you keep the fan on the air conditioner on all the time?

NO No.The fan is to help keep equalizing the entire home room temps. Unused rooms? Shut the air vents!

What is the difference between a normal and split air conditioner?

A normal air conditioner is a fan which has rotating wings that make the air move. The whole fan is uncovered. A split air conditioner on the contrary is almost fully covered, except of a split (for example at the bottom) that constantly emits cool air.

What do you need to do if the inside blower on your air conditioner does not cut off?

Check the thermostat. Make sure the fan switch is on auto. If it is disconnect the green wire from the control box at the air handler. This will disconnect the fan from the thermostat. If the fan continues to run, you have a stuck fan relay. If the fan shuts off, you have a bad thermostat.

Why does the engine temperature rise at idle with the air conditioning on in your 1992 Camaro Z28?

because the air conditioner puts a load on the engine... check your cooling fan relays.. the fan should run with the air on at idle

Air conditioner how to turn it on?

Make sure that there is no cover on the unit outside, check the AIR filter. Make sure it is clean, then go to the thermostat and turn it to cool, fan on auto and turn it down.

Is the air on if you turn the fan on on a central air conditioner?

No. If your referring to the fan on switch on the thermostat. The answer is no only the indoor fan runs if the thermostat is properly wired.

How does a Air Conditioner blow out air?

It is just a simple fan blowing over a coil.

When do you use the fan only switch instead of air conditioner?

When you only want the fan to run.

How much does a new Trane air conditioner fan cost?

just paid $500 for the fan.

Should windows be closed when running only the fan on the central air conditioner?

keep it closed the windows .but if need fresh air from outside , open the windows.

Can a 1986 Cadillac run without the fan for the air conditioner?