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A person should never relinquish their right to pursue litigation unless they are completely informed of the circumstances and understand the consequences of the act. Even so, it would be prudent to consult with an attorney before agreeing to anything. Heirs and other interested parties can and should obtain a copy of the will or the terms of probate estate distribution before they take any action whatsoever. If executors refuse to supply a copy of such, then a request for the document(s) should be made to the probate court of jurisdiction.

It should be pointed out that signing a release, or some other form of receipt from those receiving assets, is a normal part of the probate process in order to document that the assets went to the rightful heirs. It is one of the final steps in closing the estate once the distribution has been made. Generally, the refusal of any heir who refuses to sign a release can be addressed by a notice published in the local newspaper that the final account has been submitted for approval. That heir would need to object at that time in order to be heard.

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When will I receive a notification of an inheritance?

In the UK it will depend on who is handling the dead persons estate. So the time of notification might vary, however if a will is present at the time of death, people usually know if they are going to benefit. However nothing can be paid out from a will before six months has elapsed after the death of a person. This is to allow time for creditors to make a claim against the estate. After bills are paid, sometimes there is nothing left to be paid out. Best to check with the executors (those in charge of handling an estate, named in a will) or next of kin of the deceased person, though early enquiries might not be to welcome.

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What is the deadline for filing a claim against an estate?

The deadline for filing claims against estates depends on the laws of the state of probate. There are two considerations to keep in mind. First, at the very least, the claim must be brought before any applicable statute of limitations expires. If the claim is unenforceable against the decedent had he /she lived, then it is not enforceable against the estate. Second, many states have laws or rules that state that have procedural time periods for presenting claims against an estate; however, failure to do so might not result in a denial of the claim for missing that deadline. This type of deadline is a procedural one. It allows the executor to determine the debts of the estate for estate and inheritance tax purposes and to let executors distribute the estate without waiting for a legal statute of limitations to expire. All this means is that executors should not give estate assets to beneficiaries before this procedural period expires, or executors would be liable for payment if they could not get money back from beneficiaries. Also, at least in New Jersey, if a legitimate claim comes in after the procedural period but before final distribution is made, the debt still has to be paid out of the estate.

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