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YES! Animal experimentation should be illegal.

Animals have a heart and a mind just like people do. They are capable of feeling love and pain, happiness and sorrow. But, because they are not able to speak to us and tell us how they feel many people forget that they are capable of having these feelings. That is why they are often hurt or neglected. And most of the experiments, are not effective on humans like they are on animals, for example: chocolate is highly poisionos to dogs, but we don't die when we eat chocolate.

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Q: Should animal experimentation be illegal?
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If animal abuse is illegal wouldn't animal testing be illegal?

No but it should be because testing on any animal is physical abuse. The animal has no choice in it and that should be illegal. I have seen awful pictures of Chimps with lipstick, Elephants with eyeliner. It should be illegal, because it is truly abuse.

What do you gain with animal experimentation?

You find out if something is safe or not and you find out the effectiveness of something. But animal experimentation is not fool proof and sometimes all the hard work of testing is usless. I think that we should stop animal experimentation and stick with good old natural things instead of trying to find out if chemicals are safe.

Is the rabbit the most commonly used animal in experimentation?

Rabbits, as well as Rats, and Mice are the most common animal experimentation victims.

How many animals die a day because of animal experimentation?

50 to 100 million animals die worldwide everyday because of animal experimentation.

When did animal experimentation begin?

Animal experimentation has been conducted in the United States for over a century. The first bill to regulate it in any degree was introduced in 1880.

Is animal experimentation good?

In my opinion, no. But that's just me.

What has the author Kathy Snow Guillermo written?

Kathy Snow Guillermo has written: 'Monkey business' -- subject(s): Animal experimentation, Animal rights, Animal welfare, Moral and ethical aspects of Animal experimentation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

What are the Pros and cons of animal experimentation?

The cons of animal experimentation is the fact that animalsshould be treated as beings of value. Millions of animals die each year from this. The con is that animals have rights and that we should respect that. the Pro is that animals can be used to help us find cures for diseases that affect humans

How does animal experimentation happen?

It often slips under the radar as the RSPCA And other animal protection companys are only shown certain things. Animial testing is NOT illegal unless it is breaking a animail cruelty act, it is unbeleivable that its still allowed.

What is an animal tester?

An animal tester is a person who engages in animal testing, the practice of using animals in scientific experimentation.

What has the author Barbara Orlans written?

Barbara Orlans has written: 'In the name of science' -- subject(s): Animal experimentation, Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Animal experimentation

Should it be illegal to hurt endangered animals?

In my opinion: yes. If it's illegal to hurt America's Bald-Eagle, then it should be illegal to hurt, harm or even kill any endangered animal.

How much money is wasted on Animal experimentation every day?

not mew. the most or the average money wasted on animal experimentation every day is up to $400000. some times its way higher

What has the author Birgitta Forsman written?

Birgitta Forsman has written: 'Research ethics in practice' -- subject(s): Animal experimentation, Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Animal experimentation

What is the reason that hunting should not be illegal?

maintain animal populations at healthy levels

Is animal abuse illegal all over the world?

Unfortunately it is not but I belive that it should

What is animal experimenting?

use of non-human animals in scientific experimentation

What arguments do people put forward against animal experimentation?

I dunnoo

Is animal experimentation right or wrong?

I believe that animal experimentation is the right thing to do and it is needed. Without it we would not find any cures for diseases and many lives will be lost. So i personally agree with it. Animal experimentation is arguable morally, but it is undeniable that it saves lives physically so if it's wrong please tell that to the people you might condemn.

Why should animal cruelty be illegal?

Animal cruelty should be illegal because cruelty to a child is illegal. Animals actually have the same rights as children. Sort of like a contract that you were born with that everyone in the world has automatically signed, protecting you from harm until your an adult where you can have rights. Hope this helps. :)

Is it illegal to kill manta rays?

I dont know but it should be! animal cruelty is cruel :(

What is bad about animal testing?

1) it is crulity to animals. 2)it is illegal to do it when they are alive. 3)it should be illegal for people to do tests on dead animals.

Is aniaml testing illegal?

Animal testing sould be illegal because it is harming the animal.

Is animal cruelty illegal?

yes, animal cruelty is indeed illegal

How you make a dog fight?

Dog fighting is illegal animal cruelty and this question should not be answered.