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Should answers that are clearly more appropriate for the Discussion area be cut and pasted there?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-03 15:33:35

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Yes. Since this is not a forum and answers are collaborative, if an answer segment is inappropriate as an answer but is more akin to commentary, it should be moved to the discussion. Perhaps it could be prefaced with "Contributor so-and-so had this to say about the answer/question."

2006-09-03 15:33:35
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Answers are not deleted if it is flagged for spelling / grammar correction. However, answers that are offensive or inflammatory; does not answer the question; are debates or discussions (should be placed in that question's discussion pages instead); or nonsensical are removed. Even if the answer is completely irrelevant to the question, it will be removed.

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When you ask a question and someone answers it on here how do you comment on it it always says update answer then deletes the comment the person left?

Click on the little green button that looks like a talking bubble from a comic. There is a separate discussion page and that button will take you to it. Only answers should go in the answer area.

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