Should attending school be mandatory?


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Well It depends...

It depends on whether if you want to have a job where you have to say "Would you like fries with your order?". Where you would be making from $7 to $11 bucks an hour which is NOTHING.

If that's what you want to do with your life, then don't go to College.


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Yes school should be mandatory. If school is not mandatory then you on't have and education or even a job. If that's the way you want to live then so be it.

should school students face a mandatory drug test

While elementary school is mandatory, high school is not. Unless the support order specifically states that the child needs to be attending high school in order for support to be paid, the answer is "NO".

comunist regimes regulate education and makes it mandatory the thing is that me not living in china can not see how that government can have the amount of schools to cover their whole population which is the largest in the world.

Yes school is mandatory in Thailand.

I believe that steroid testing should be mandatory for high school sports because if the students belive that you can do steroids and not get caught then what are we teaching the kids.

"It is mandatory to wear a school uniform to school"

School students shouldn't face mandatory drug-test because the money the school spends on buying the drug test they can spend on other stuff for the school.

Yes, school is mandatory in EVERY state of the U.S.A.

no if they don't want to they should not have to.

No. Modeling does not require attending a school of any kind. Going to modeling school is not mandatory, it is voluntary and does not guarantee that you will go on to become signed or a successful model. Agencies prefer new and inexperienced models and will train them for free accordingly once they have been signed.

School isn't mandatory. That's why there is such a large level of illiteracy.

He will be starting high school this year, and the school he is attending is called Horikoshi Gakuen.

The 8 year old should be in about the 3rd grade and attending school.

It depends on the school, the department within the school, and the completion of the appropriate prerequisites. Your academic adviser should be able to help you.

Employees SHOULD be paid for mandatory meetings. If an employer calls for a mandatory meeting on an employee's day off, or not during his scheduled shift, it should be considered the same as being called in to work. Said employee has to give up his time as well as transportation costs to attend the meeting for which the employer can reprimand or retaliate, if the employee does not attend (mandatory meetings only). Thus, if an employer calls you in to a "mandatory" meeting, you should be REQUIRED to clock in. This protects the employer as well as compensates the employee for cost of transportation and giving up his free time.

I personally think its a horrible idea to impose people to do a full year of mandatory service after high school because it disrupts career/family plans

Everyone, school is mandatory.

Guatemala has a three tiered education system. Primary school begins at age 7 and lasts to age 13. This is the only tier that is mandatory. So when a child completes those 6 years, they do not have to keep attending school.

I am attending school, what aditional government assistance are avaiable to help me stay in school?

Starting at 5 years of age, citizen of the US is required to attend some form of education (home school, private school, public school) until they are 16 years of age.

You do not have to go to school to become a model, nor is it a major requirement. Agencies prefer to sign new and inexperienced models that way they can mold them to be marketable for the agency. Attending modeling school is voluntary, not mandatory and will not guarantee that you will get signed or become successful.

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