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Capital punishment is legal and practiced in many states.


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Capital punishment dates back to ancient times

Rulers have always exercised the power to execute their subjects, back into the earliest prehistoric periods. If I had to name a year for the origin of capital punishment it would be about 500,000 BC.

pro capital punishment is when you are for killing the person who murdered without reason and kidnapped and killed because he had a hard time growing up who hijacked a car and didn't want the person to identify him so he /she killed him/her and because you were strung out on crack --ice--or whatever and the person you mugged fought back so you had to kill them this scum of the earth should be put to death, then my friend are pro capital punishment

A boating is a punishment of capital offenders in Persia, where they were laid on the back of a covered boat and left to perish.

For now, the United States typically use capital punishment for homicide and treason. Earlier on however, capital punishment was applied in a wider amount of crimes such as robbery, burglery, and rape. For minorities, it has been known to be used in just about any form (i.e. talking back to authority, adultery, stealing).

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Most states that impose capital punishment use lethal injection. Other methods used in the United States include hanging, firing squad, electrocution, and poisonous gas. Outside the United States--primarily Middle Eastern countries and China--methods include hanging, beheading, and execution by a single gunshot to the back of the head.

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