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Should civil liberties be sacrificed for the safety of all?

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2007-08-15 14:48:17

What? No, can you imagine what would happen if Canada, America

or any country (except North Korea , they are brainwashed down

there)tried to take away the rights of their people? Never mind the

question if it should be done, ask if it can. Can it? No, we would

not stand for it. People love Freedom, freedom from our lives, from

the people around us, freedom to do whatever the hell we want.

Stripping us of our rights would only cause riots, protests and

Civil Unrest, so no, don't worry your little head about it. Perhaps

we would even try to overthrow our government, Guy Fawkes style.

Should they be sacrificed? Ask yourself, geeze, be an individual.

My belief is no, I want FREEDOM.But then, I am a teenager, so

perhaps I have not yet had my spirit taken away, this discussion

might not apply to you, and I probably shouldn't be answering these

questions. But I disagree with the previous poster. They CAN be and

HAVE been, on numerous occasions. And the people have done very

little in the way of protest.

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