Should exams be done away with?

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They still have some uses Many educators and politicians frequently ask "Should we just do away with tests? They don't really show us much, just how good the student with memorization and test taking skills, right?" There is some merit to that thought, but without having some kind of test, a teacher doesn't know if the student has sucessfully mastered the material on their own. For now, tests and exams have some use in the educational process, so some of them have to be kept. We can't get rid of them entirely
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How can a prostate exam be done in a squatting position?

Answer . \nYou squatt like you are doing deep knee bends or going to the bathroom and the doctor reaches under you to penetrate your rectum to feel the prostate. If you don't want to do it this way I would request a more traditional position.

Why is a breast exam needed and how often should it be done?

The Importance of Breast Examinations . Breast examination is a way in which early changes can be detected, as survival chances are excellent if cancers are detected early. Self-examination should be done monthly, just after a period. If you would like to learn how to do this, see the Web Link ( Full Answer )

What AP exams should I take?

Ones that interest you and correspond with the major you want to pursue in college. Every school has different AP courses. And it also depends on eligibility. Like to take AP Physics, you have to have a good grade in algebra. To take AP Bio or AP Environmental you have to have a B or better in Biolo ( Full Answer )

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For the most part, the Bible forms the basis of law in theWestern world. The majority of the laws are biblical based,especially those that concern how people treat one another. . Another View: . Many in Christianity would say that the Law of God is no longerin affect since Jesus' sacrifice. But th ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you get a bad grade on a exam?

If you put forth only a small effort, study harder! If you REALLY studied as hard as you could, and you pay attention in class, see if you can get help after school from the teacher or a tutor.

How long should you study for exams?

You should study until you feel confident. The best way is to do your work daily, so that you don't have to have a huge study session right before the test. Keep good notes and use those as study material, instead of trying to read the whole textbook again. Make a Study Deck and keep it with you all ( Full Answer )

Why should schools have exams?

Answer: Well schools should have exams because it lets you know if you are ready or not for the real world. For example our school makes us take an exam so we can get our high school diploma. And the exams let you know what you need help on in school. Answer: Schools must have exams to see if ( Full Answer )

Should exams be abolished?

Yes, just as soon as your teachers learn how to use telepathy to read your mind and make certain that you have learned everything that you need to learn.

What should you NOT do to prepare for an exam?

Here are some sure-fire ways to flunk that exam! . Never do your schoolwork . Stay up and party with your friends instead of studying . Go play instead of working . Draw cartoons on your exam paper instead of answering the questions . Sleep through the test . Skip school . Facebook

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This is something a physician should look at. Really. It's not time to panic as it has been so long, but a professional should evaluate the injury. Few spiders pose the threat of a fatal bite, but all spiders are venemous, and deserve our respect. Make an appointment ASAP and let someone who gradu ( Full Answer )

What you should do before exams?

You should study ,revise etc. Work in short 45-55 min & take regular breaks Also find a good place where you can study well (some like studying with musics, some others like quiet places) You must also control sitting on computer, watching t v & other pleasures . And pray to god who is the sou ( Full Answer )

You should have exams or not?

Without them you have no idea how good you are at the subject. So yes. Must have. i am reading in 12th class i want to be sub inspector what should we do please suggest me!!!!!!!!!!

How many marks should you get in your exam?

Well in most schools you have to get 50% to pass, well from kindergarten to grade 8 they just pass u even if u get below 50% but i am in high school now and I'm only in grade 9 and if you get below 50% there is NO way you could pass that course you'll have to do it all over again. Now, I would perso ( Full Answer )

How often should a breast exam be done?

breast exam should be done every three months, let your health be your priority check your deodorant if its contains alluminium ziconnium, it causes cancer and the nearest place to your armpit is the breast! Which result to breast cancer.

Who should you eat before your exam?

you should it maybe something healthy because if you eat fat, then you wont really be steady and relaxed but if you eat something healthy then like you head will be steady and fresh

What is done in a physical exam?

don't worry about your exam the dr is a pro and she has seen all kinds of different things first you are asked to undress completely (no under wear) then you are weighed measured and are asked to pee in a cup you then go to the dr room were he checks you ear throat nose and then he checks your heart ( Full Answer )

What can be done to keep armadillos away?

The best, and most expensive solution is a stout fence to keep thearmadillos out. Placing mothballs around the areas you most want toprotect can keep these pesky burrowers away.

Should there be board exams?

our education system has been designed in such a way that students undergo the board exams twice - once in tenth and once in twelfth. Once the students undergo the tenth board exams they get a glimpse of what the board exams are like and later when they appear for the 12th boards, their pressure and ( Full Answer )

Should you do away with tenth exam?

yes we should do away with 10th exam because if the 10 exams are made optional than the students who r lacking behind in studies can never be......... now think urself...........

Essay about exams should not be abolished?

When writing an essay about why exams should not be abolished, itis important to write an introduction paragraph that captures thereader's attention and end with a strong thesis statement. Use thesecond paragraph to briefly state why they should be abolished. Usethe next three paragraphs to explain ( Full Answer )

Should you have exams or not?

Yes. Exams show what you know and you're weaknesses. In computers, it shows vulnerabilites that need to be corrected or that could allow hackers to infiltrate.

How should you learn for you to pass your exams?

We should give more time to our studies rather then playing or chatting..when u get up in the morning have your breakfast and start your studies for 2 hours...and at nights before sleeping again for 2 hours...and when u study concentrate what are you reading or learning,if your concentration is some ( Full Answer )

What is done to a boy during a physical exam?

A boy, who is having a physical exam, will have his blood pressuretaken. They will also check the heart rate, listen to the lungs andheart, check respiration, and temperature. They will look at theoverall appearance including the ears, lymph nodes, and abdomen.

Should exams be abolished in schools?

i really hate exams but i see no reason for it to be abolished. it's the ONLY way to test if the students really understand the lesson. it's kinda like a big help to us since we're benefiting from it. but, of course, if you're motivationally deficient, then tests don't really matter at all. XD

Should exams not be abolish?

Yes, because it shows how much you have improved or need improving in certain areas of an subject. It also shows who is smarter than another like in the HSC you need a certain ATAR to get into the university in the subject you want to get in for.

What to do when your done the eye exam spy island?

go outside the up the ladder to the left go inside talk to him and get the camo suit the go to the docks get on to the roof and go inside ther are three dogs use the camo suit to get past all this then once at the bottom go to the left get on top of the safe and rescue the agent

I passed my Massachusetts' driver's exam but the instructor didn't tell me what to do so I just drove away Now I am not sure if I should have gone in and asked someone for help What should I do now?

The examiner should have handed you your score sheet, which you would take into the licensing office. At one of the counters you would pay the license fee, at another you get your picture taken and receive at least a temporary license until the permanent one comes. You cannot legally drive unles ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you didn't study for the exam?

If you've been keeping up with your homework, you'll probably do OK on the test even without studying. You might not make the grade you want, but you'll probably pass. Right before class, use your notes to review the material. If you haven't been doing your work, I suggest prayer.

Should competitive exams be abolished?

No competitive exams should not be abolished.there are so many reasons. ->it the only reliable instrument ->By this way we choose the right eligilible candidate ->one can only work hard to pass these examinations. suppose we abolish competitive examinations then there is no way to choose the knowle ( Full Answer )

Should there be competitive exams?

I believe that competitive exams should be held as the child can prove himself if he is unable to do so as there are many subjects in school. And it should be optional. Children should decide whether they want to take part in some competitive exams or not. Parents should also keep in mind that thy ( Full Answer )

Should exams be removed from the curriculum?

This is an interesting question. Many might say yes because, in reality, most don't like to be given tests. Most don't enjoy studying hard for lengthy examinations to receive a number or a letter that represents their performance. Additionally, there is no way to tailor every educational system o ( Full Answer )

When putting away or stocking recently or dated freight what should be done with the older existing freight that is already there?

If its product that has a shelf life, like food the products, it should be rotated. stored so the the oldest is shipped first. Even in the case of non-perishable product it is a good idea to ship the oldest product first. In some cases a decision will be made higher up to decide if the older invento ( Full Answer )

When putting away or stocking recently dated freightwhat should be done with the older existing freight that is already there?

It depends on your racking system. If you are running your warehouse properly, every piece of freightthat goes in is dated before you put it in the racking. When youpull this merchandise to sell, you pick the oldest pallet. Someplaces like to move freight around so the oldest pallets are on thelowe ( Full Answer )

What should I do to pass the Oracle exams?

Hello. To pass any certification exam, you need to study andpractice. Read books about your exam, remember important things,and more. I recommend using online resources like articles, videosand PDFs. There are many articles out there to study for an exam.Educational videos about your exam give impor ( Full Answer )