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Chinese medicine head of the department Guo ZhiHong of the general hospital of the Second Artillery Force thinks, will eat fruits at once after a meal, it is apt to cause the emergence of the overweight and fat phenomenon of weight. Regard fruit as the desserts after a meal, the organic acid among them will be bound with mineral in other food, influence the body to digest and assimilate; The pectin in the fruit absorbs the moisture, increases the function of the moist intensity of food in the intestines and stomach, so will eat the burden that fruits will also aggravate the intestines and stomach at once after a meal.
The correct time to eat the fruit is an hour before a meal (except persimmon). First of all, a lot of compositions are water soluble in the fruit, eat the absorption which is favorable to the essential nutrient of body before a meal. Secondly, fruit food with low heat, its heat equal weight 1/4 of wheaten food only on average, the pork waits for carnivorous about 1/10 on an equal basis. Eat the food with low heat first, it is apter to hold in a meal total heat takes in. Third, the easy to be oxidized, corruption of a lot of fruits, eating fruits first can shorten its residence time in the stomach, reduce its oxidizing, corrupt intensity. And satiated with food to later take fruits at once, the fructose included can enter the intestines in time, ferment among stomach, produce organic and sour, cause abdominal distension, suffer from diarrhoea, take fruit take one hour after the meal.

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Should fruits be eaten before or after meals as per ayurvedic concept?

According to ayurvada one should eat fruits when one is in empty stomach

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No, fruits should be taken before or after meals with at least one hour. This is better for health.

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A small salad is generally eaten before a meal as an appetizer, or, a larger salad as the main course.

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it is better to eat fruits before meal b/c it will fill your little side of stomach

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When its comes to diets focusing on low to no carbohydrates, there are specific foods that should be essential in all meals eaten throughout the day. Foods containing medium to high amounts of protein, such as pork, fish and eggs, should be included in all main meals eaten on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables should also be a staple with all meals and can be prepared in a wide variety of ways to bring about different amounts of flavor and spontaneity to your diet. For all other snacks and "mini" meals throughout the day, dairy products, such as cheese slices or yogurts, as well as a variety of nuts should be consumed to satisfy your appetite.

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No, this is very unhealthy because you will not get the different types of nutrients you need. You should have fruit as a snack daily, though.Fruits do not provide proteins which are essential in the diet. A balanced meals should have all major nutrients like carbohydrates,proteins,fats and minerals and vitamins.These can be provided by taking cereals,pulses or meat, milk or milk products, vegetables and fruits and nuts, during different meals of the day.

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should ginger root be taken before, with or after meals

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