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Should gay people be ordained?

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Jewish Answer

Yes, absolutely.

Christian Answer

No, it goes against what God said in The Bible about righteous living. Individuals serving in the church are held to higher standards, and your natural sexual orientation is considered a low standard, even though all psychological organizations say it's normal, natural, and healthy.

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Should gay people force people who are not gay to like gay people?

Gay people have their own interests and should not force them on others.


Yes. Gay people, whether they are out or closeted, should definitely be pastors. The best way to effect positive change is from within an organization.

Should gay people be able to kiss in public?

The real answer is that gay people should be allowed to do anything in public that straight people are allowed. If straight people kiss in public, gay people should also.

What were gay people?

well, gay people are still around so your question should be- what ARE gay people, and gay people are people who like people of the same gender.

Should there be a death penalty for gay people?

No, there should not be a death penalty for gay people. Unfortunately, as of 2017, there are 10 countries that put people to death for being gay.

Should gay people be allowed in Australia?

All law-abiding people should be allowed in Australia, gay or straight.

What is wrong with gay people?

There is nothing wrong with gay people.

Should gay people be banned from the military?

They should not, and they are not.

Should you judge gay people Why or Why not?

No you should not judge gay people because that is the way they are!!!!!!!! and they will go to hell if they dont change their ways.

Should gay people be allowed to live among us?

No gay people arent normal and should be treated like animals!

Should we treat gay as normal people?

gay people already are normal people. So there is nothing to worry about.

Should gay people be tolerated?

Since gay people exist, they should definitely be tolerated. There is no reason for intolerance toward people just because of their nature.

Why should you not allow gay people?

Everyone should be allowed. No exceptions.

Why gay people don't have rights?

Gay people don't have rights because the government is stupid. And is controlled by homophobes. Gay people should have the same rights as everyone else. So what if guys like guys or girls like girls? It's not affecting you unless your gay. Gay people should have rights.

Can you be gay and become a deacon?

Catholic AnswerDeacon, along with priest and bishop, is the first of the three orders of ordained major clergy in the Catholic Church. Every recent pope, most especially Blessed John Paul II, and Benedict XVI have issued directives that no gay man may be ordained to any of the Church's ministries. Now, it is to be understood, that this does not mean that someone with homosexual inclinations can not be ordained, you asked about "gay" and "gay" means someone who actively approves of the "gay" lifestyle, which means accepts homosexual inclinations as normal and acts on them. Homosexual inclinations are intrinsically disordered, and no one who approves and/or follows them is permitted in the ordained ministry.

Is Stephen Colbert against gays and-or gay rights?

There are no "gay rights". Gay people should have every statutory and Constitutional right Straight people have.

Why should a pastor be ordained?

You must be ordained to be a pastor. You cannot be a pastor and not ordained. You aren't reverend and don't have the authority to do such duties. It is quite easy nowadays to become ordained although, it isn't a problem.

Why should gay people be legalized in public position?

Because gay people are just like everyone else and should get a say in what goes on in the country they live in.

Should gay people and single people be allowed to adopt?

Yes. Anyone who can provide a good home to a child should be allowed to adopt. Gay people and single people have proven to be exemplary parents.

Are you afraid of gay people?

NO, because gay people have the right to love who ever they want to and know one should judge them.

Why shouldn't gay people adopt children?

There is no reason why gay people shouldn't adopt children. There are only reasons why they should.

Should gay people have the right to marry?


Should gay people be pastors?

Yes. Gay people, whether they are out or closeted, should definitely be pastors. The best way to effect positive change is from within an organization.

Should gay people be burned?

No one should be burned. Also, anyone who hates people they don't even know just because they are gay is really sick.

Should gay people be punished for being gay?

No. If man or woman loves another of the same gender, they should be together. Whoever thinks they should be punished should be punished themselves. I have a very best friend who has two dads and they are much nicer than any two mom and dads that I know.