Should gay people play football?

As long as the Gay People have the skill set and ability to perform at a high level there is absolutely no reason why a gay person should not play football.

So far, there have been a dozen gay players in College Football and the NFL who have come out of the closet after their playing careers are over and one active college player, Michael Sam, who is poised to be drafted into the NFL in 2014.

The people who have come out of the closet are:

Wade Davis NFL Defensive back

Ed Gallagher NCAA Division I Offensive tackle

Alan Gendreau NCAA Division I Placekicker (All-Time Leading Scorer in Sun-Belt Conference)

Kwame Harris NFL Offensive tackle

David Kopay NFL Running back

Ray McDonald NFL Running back

Conner Mertens NCAA Division III Placekicker

Michael Sam NCAA Division I Defensive end, (2013 First Team A SEC, 2013 Consensus All American, 2013 Co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year)

Roy Simmons NFL Guard [32]

Brian Sims NCAA Division II Defensive tackle

Jerry Smith* NFL Tight end (2X Pro-Bowler, named one of the 80 greatest Redskins, part of the Redskins Ring of Fame)

Esera Tuaolo NFL Defensive tackle

* - Outed as Gay after he passed away.