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Should glue be used to adhere a gasket on the transmission pan?

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Will a polyurethane sheet adhere to polyurethane glue?

it should

How do you use the word adhere in a sentence?

The glue will adhere to the surface.

Do you use gasket glue on both sides of the gasket on a thermostat?

You can, but if you have a new gasket glue is really not needed.

What surface preparation is needed before using glue?

You should dust, degrease and dry all surfaces to be glued, allowing the glue to adhere better.

Do you need gasket glue on oil pan gasket for daewoo cielo?

If there are no instructions with the kit, then do notuse glue.

A sentence with 'adhere'?

Using glue will cause wallpaper to adhere to the wall. Will the fly suffer while it is adhered to the flypaper?

Can you put drywall mud over wallpaper glue that is left on the wall after the wallpaper has been removed?

It shouldn't be a problem. The glue is water based and the mud should adhere to it.

Is Elmer's glue edible?

Elmer's glue is not edible. It's made to adhere things, NOT to be eaten.

Can you put self leveling over adhesive glue?

If you mean self-leveling cement, - it won't adhere to glue.

Do you need any type of glue when installing a gasket on a urinal?

No, you don't if the gasket is rubber.

Do you put gasket glue on both sides when putting in the thermostat?

if it came with gasket glue, or if it tells you to use it, use it on both sides. if it doesnt then you dont need to use it.

Is there sentences with word adhere?

Example sentence - I tried to make the photo adhere to the wall without using a glue in order to not damage the photo.

Why does glue adhere?

becuase a glue is a stiky thing mixed with and oreintal chemical that can speard each sides of it as stiky..............thank for your cooperation

Is it bad to use gasket glue on a head gasket?

Yes. -Unless your manual specifically calls for it, you never use anything but the recommended gasket

How do you make a glue out of cigarette filter?

If done correctly cigarette filters and the right mixture of acetone can make a glue. However, it is not labeled as being a good glue and does not adhere well.

Do you need gasket glue to change a valve cover gasket or is the new gasket enough itself Why then does gasket glue exist?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on - A) what type of engine and B) what type of gasket. Older cars mainly used cork gaskets, so gasket sealant was a wise choice. New engines use rubber, some with metal bushings or spacers, so the typical "blue glue" as daddy used to call it isn't required.

Are there any Sentences using adhere?

When you put glue on something it is adhesive. answer: "Adhesive" is a noun or an adjective. "Adhere" is a verb. I tried to adhere fake nails onto my real nails, but they kept popping off.

What are synonyms for adhere to?

stick to, attach to, cling to, glue to, fix to, fasten to, hold fast

How do you say pego in inglish?

hit spank could also be to glue, tape, adhere

What is the best glue to use for gluing rhinestones to license plate frames?

5 second nail glue. It's a specific brand of glue and one of the few things that will adhere to glass.

How strong is super glue if you are doing a project with barrel wood?

very sticyANS 2 - Super glue does not adhere very well to wood. Try carpenter's yellow glue instead.

What adhesive should you use to adhere buttons to an acrylic painting?

super glue, it will stick acrylic pant will stick to the canvas and the super glue will stick to the acrylic paint. plus superglue is clear and won't run. your painting will look wonderful!

What is rubber cement?

Rubber cement is a type of glue that is oten used in gluing paper, because it is not water-based, and therefore does not ruin the paper.Rubber glue is an elastic polymer mixed with a solvent like acetone. When it's applied, the solvent dries out allowing the glue to harden and adhere.

How do you glue the gasket back onto the wood burning stoves door?

Go to a dealer and buy a tube of gasket cement.

Can you use hot glue to adhere plastic to wood?

Possibly if the wood has a very smooth surface