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Should guys shave their pubic hair?


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It is ok to shave it, but not to shave it all, you're pubic hair is there to keep you clean from bacteria.

it depends on the person, if they want to shave then shave if not dont, but i like to

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I can't answer for a majority of guys. However in my personal experience alot of bi and gay guys do shave or at least trim their pubic hair

Yes. You should shave or wax all pubic hair prior to circumcision. Normally this is not an issue as most guys are circumcised prior to puberty or shave their pubic hair routinely.

Yes. Some white males do shave.

No, guys are not supposed to shave their pubic fact no one is supposed to shave their pubic hair. We have pubic hair for a reason and shaving is not healthy as it risks irritation, ingrown hairs, damaged skin, infected ingrown hairs, cysts, and increases risk of some STD's.

Yes all of it even shave the balls under penis

girls, yes guys, about half would either wax or shave.

just trim it short but not proper shave

Yes if he wants to, nowadays it is seen as the norm for guys to trim or shave their pubes.

There is no age limit on shaving your pubic hair, if you're old enough to have pubic hair then you can shave. It should however be noted that pubic hair shouldn't be shaved as it's there to help protect the genitals and shaving risks various problems including ingrown hairs or cysts. Pubic hair is there for a reason, there is absolutely no need to shave your pubic hair.

Yes, I think pubic hair is natural.

That is a gross question, but I am still answering this. THEY DON'T!

your facial hair is connected to your head hair and your pubic hair as you cut your facial hair your nerves in your skin tell you that your pubic hair is getting cut but is really not

It is ok to shave your pubic hair, but it will grow back thicker and blacker. I suggests not to shave it.

A person can shave his/her public hair before marriage.

theres no certain amount of hair on a vagina a girl is supposed to have, many people dont grow as much pubic hair some people grow a lot, some people have taller pubic hair than one another

No. This is a misconception perpetuated by the adult film industry.

Do they shave pubic hair for a male cystoscope

only if they are in a combat situation like the persion gulf where there the hair causes itching

I'm assuming that you're asking "to shave or not to shave" in which case the answer is: Sure, if you want. The presence and abundance of pubic hair are up to your personal taste.

no he should not the vile creature

Well some just let it grow, and some just shave it off. People are different. Like I keep my pubic hair, but other people might shave it off

It is not uncommon, so do what you desire.

you shouldn't shave your pubic hair. if its the pits, you can shave that. but if its your private hair, than just shave the borders of the pubic hair. If you shave the whole thing off, it'll grow back bushier than before.

Theres no age you have to be! Once you have pubic hair and feel ready you can shave pubic hair

If she shave, then she wont have pubic hair

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