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Are after school jobs helpful or harmful for middle and high school students?

After school jobs for middle and high school students is harmful because those students who work don't get enough sleep, don't concentrate in school, get bad grades, don't do homework or other assignments, and they don't do well on tests. This students should be thinking about college or what they want to do when they grow up. Especially high school students. That is why after school jobs are harmful to middle and high school students

In the US what percentage of high school students have jobs?

=1.564% of high school students work. On Average.=

What are some common jobs for high school students?

The most common jobs for high school students are available in several different industries. For example, high school students could work in retail, restaurants, or even in grocery stores. Link:

Best paying jobs for high school students?


What type of jobs are acceptable for high school students?

An acceptable job for high school students would be waitressing or maybe babysitting. Mowing lawns, shoveling snow and extra chores are also good.

Do high school jobs affect high school grades?

yes it don because there are students that work partn time and go full time high school student and it effects us mentally and physically

What is the percent of high school students who have jobs?

about 15%, try this link:

What are some good part time jobs for high school students?

My answer to your question of knowing what are some good part time jobs for high school students would be for starters, a position in the fast food restaurant field, as a crew worker, and can also include working at amusement parks which can be seasonal.

Is it best for teens to have jobs while still in high school?

It isn't a bad idea for teens who are still in highschool to look for or have a job. Most teens who have a job will in high school will most likely be prepared for the future. Having a job can also give you highschool credits required to graduate. Many schools allow students with jobs to leave school early to work. That is only if you have a required amount of credits. Having a job will in high school is a very good idea and some students should continue to pursue their coals.

What are some good types of high school student jobs?

High school students don't have many skills, so low-skill jobs like maintenace workers, fast food, and babysitting work best for this age group.

What year did Steve Jobs graduate from high school?

Steve jobs graduated high-school in 1987

Where can I find school jobs in NJ?

School jobs in NJ can be found at Jackson Memorial High School, Jackson Liberty High School, Dumont High School, Glen Rock High School and Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

High school graduate jobs?

Jobs that don't require a college/university degree and you can do straight out of high school?

What are some good jobs for high school students?

Some good jobs for high school students include working at the local newspaper, babysitting, taking care of pets and gardening. Depending on your schedule you might also get better paid jobs by working as an aide at local stores. The best way to accomplish that is to ask the owner politely to obtain more information about the requirements and options.

Where did Steve Jobs graduate from high school?

Steve jobs graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertine, California in 1972.

What jobs could the students do?

Often students will get part-time jobs that they can do after colledge/school they could work in libraries or shops, these are very common.

Where can I get more information about purchasing management jobs for high school student interns.?

Amgen, one of the leading medical equipment developers and manufacturers, offers purchasing management jobs and internships for high school students. Other companies, including Gemzyne also offer opportunities.

Why should you go to high school?

In the US, it is required to stay in school until you are 16. Besides, without a high school education even manual labor jobs are hard to come by.

What companies offer high school student jobs?

Retail and Quick Service companies are two of the popular companies that hires high school students. Some of the positions and hours are limited so you will not make a lot of money.

What high school did Steve Jobs go to?

Steve Jobs went to two different high schools. He first went to Cupertino Junior High School. He then transferred and went to Homestead High School in 1972.

What high school did Steve jobs atend?

Homestead High School in Capertino, California.

Do all university students have to find summer jobs if they finish school?


What school or college did Steve Jobs go to?

Steve Jobs attended the following schools:Cupertino Junior High SchoolHomestead High SchoolReed College

Do many college students have work experience?

In this day and age most teenagers have jobs while still in high school. Definately by the time students reach college they are trying to find jobs while they continue their education that will afford them work experience in the field that they are studying.

Is it hard to be an aerial gunner in the air force and if so which jobs should I get I only have a high school degree?

If you do get Aerial Gunner this is your training and assignments: from mechanical area jobs you qualify for, that have a Tech School.