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Should homeschooling be allowed?


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February 21, 2009 10:32AM

* Yes, I'm home schooled and it's fun and some people do it this way so they can graduate sooner. * The nature of home school has been debated widely and is now accepted in most states. I home schooled my child for one year. I think I was the hardest teacher he ever had and he would probably agree. He learned a lot , but he learned a lot from me anyway. Organized school is more than just gaining knowledge. It is about social interaction (i.e. dating, mostly) and all the things with growing up with your peers. If you are on a farm in NE Nebraska and that's all you have, then I say it's great. But a kid growing up in Boston then I say that's great, too. (didn't expect that, did you?) In most all other cases, they are better off with their peers. Opposing viewpoints are more than welcome. * Most importantly with Columbine, the University of Virginia and other school shootings, not to mention drugs, weapons, bullying, etc., I feel homeschooling is excellent. If the parents don't have the time to do it then a good Tutor will suffice. More and more parents are beginning to think of the safety of their children and homeschooling is very popular and works. It's essential that children who are home schooled also get to interact with their peers.