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Should i kiss at 12?

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That would be up to your mom. Take it as advice.

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How do you kiss at 12 years old?

you dont tongue kiss you just kiss on the but you should kiss at the 12

how old should I be to have my first kiss?


Should a 12 year old kiss?

I think 12 years and older should kiss. It depends on when your comfortable with kissing someone. In my opinion 12 years and up should kiss but no younger than 12. Its when you think your old enough to kiss.

How should you first kiss at 12?

with your lips

How should you kiss when your 12 and where?

Unless you are ALSO twelve you'd better not wonder how or where to kiss a 12-year-old.

Should you have your first kiss when your 12?

There is no should or shouldn't. A first kiss for everyone varies with age. I am 13, and I haven't gotten my first kiss.

Should you kiss a lesbian at the age of 12?

it shouldn't matter what she is or not. the question should be should you kiss at 12. that's up to you and how you feel if you want to kiss go for it its fine to be curious if you don't want to that's okay too

Should your first kiss be at 12?

Yes if you really want to you can i know that's when i got my first kiss so if you want to kiss kiss

How old do you have to be to kiss?

you should be about 12 years old

How old should you be when you get your first kiss?

12 years old

How should you kiss at 12?

Just a little pek oN the lips

What should you get your boyfriend for his birthday if you are 12?

just kiss him...and food

When should you give your boyfriend your first kiss you are 12?


Where should a 12 year old boy kiss a girl?

Only on the cheek.

How should 10-12 year olds kiss?

sence I'm 12 kissing shouldn't happen until you are 12 and it all depends on love! i your not in love don't kiss if you are in love take it slow!!!

Should you kiss a 14 year old boy on the lips if you a 12 year old girl?

If he is very trusted then yes, kiss him on the lips. :)

When should you kiss a boy after school at the age of 12?

Whenever you feel the time is right !:)

Should 12 yearolds kiss?

yus. it depends if you really like him/her and if she/he likes you bacK(:

Should you kiss a boy at the age of 12?

Yes its ok I know lots of people that kissed at that age I hope every thing works out cause u should kiss him if you love him

Is 14 too young to kiss?

No, of course not! I was kissing since I was 12! I think you should kiss when you are ready and only if you like the guy/girl. Remember, you can't take your first kiss back!

When was Radio Kiss Kiss created?

Radio Kiss Kiss was created on 1976-09-12.

Should a 12 year old kiss a 12year old?

if you want to you can but i dont recommend at that age

Should 12 year olds french kiss?

No, 12 is too young and it will lead to other things for someone who is too young.

Should i be nervous for my first kiss?

When should you have your first kiss

Is it ok to kiss at 12?

It is perfectly okay to kiss at the age of 12. If of course it feels right to you.