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Brown discharge could be implantation bleeding or early pregnancy spotting which are both common. If your period is late, take a test or go and get a blood test.

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Q: Should i take the HPT even if i am having a brown discharge?
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Is it normal to have brown discharge in your pants even though you have never had a period?

Yes, it is normal to see brown discharge even though you've not reached menarche. The brown discharge is light bleeding that has gone brown as it has aged and it mixes with your discharge. This can be a result of hormonal changes as your body prepares itself to ovulate and menstruate.

Why im having a brown discharge before im having my period?

Sometimes you can have some slight spotting(spots or discharge) before the period comes. It can look brown or red or maybe even a creme colur, but it is nothing to worry about.its very normal at a young lady's age

What if brown mucus discharge till 6 weeks even if you are pregnant?

If you are 6 weeks pregnant, this brown discharge may be old blood from your last period. However, you should speak to your Doctor about this incase it is an infection.

Could it is possible to be a first week pregnant even you experienced a yellowish brown discharge?

coul be possible to to be a 1st week pregnant even you experienced a yellowish brown discharge?

If I have been constipated fatigued lightly cramping and having brown discharge Are these early signs of pregnancy even if I am on the pill?

I have been to the docotor recently to find out if I was pregnant. He told me that I was. What made me go to the doctor was that I was having cramps, being constipated, brown discharge and slight fatigue. Best thing to do is get checked pronto ! I hope this helped.

What is the brown stuff coming out of your vagina after sex even when im on birth control?

If you're having brown discharge only after sex, you may have an infection. See your health care provider for an exam and to discuss your symptoms.

You have brown discharge at the end of your last period what does it mean?

If you have a brown discharge at the end of your period, this typically is just dried/left over blood. It should stop within a few short days after your period. Which is why it's good to wear something like pantiliners, even when you're done with your period.

Should I use a panty liner for discharge even if I havent had my period yet?

Yes because it keeps the discharge out of your underwear

Should you remove the clear stretchy vaginal discharge?

You should wipe the vagina like always. It's just discharge even if it's looks different.

Trying to get pregnant and period is due tomorrow but you are having a light green mucos discharge could you be pregnant?

No. Sounds like an STD. You should never, ever discharge green, or even slightly green. You may still be pregnant, but that is not a sign of it.

Why do you have a brown discharge that lasts till ovulation even though your tests came back negative and is there anything you can do about it since it interferes with intimacy? You need to be adamant that your doctor find out what it is!

Is it normal to have Brown discharge during pregnancy?

It depends on the stage.A very brief period of brown (or red) discharge can be considered normal at implantation (about six days after ovulation: in other words, before you even miss a period).At any other time, any bleeding- because let's face it, that's what "brown discharge" is; you're bleeding- should be evaluated by a physician.Spotting can occur during the first trimester of a normal, healthy pregnancy, but should always be evaluated.It's probably nothing serious, but you need to see a doctor.Good luck, and God bless.

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